Can I move to Portugal from USA?

Movingto Editorial Team
April 17, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of living in Portugal, with its charming cities, breathtaking coastline, and delectable cuisine? If you're considering making the move from the USA to Portugal, our comprehensive guide will answer your questions and provide essential information.

Why Choose Portugal?

Portugal is a popular destination for expats, offering a high standard of living, friendly locals, and a temperate climate. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant culture of Lisbon, the stunning beaches of the Algarve, or the wine country of the Douro Valley, Portugal has something for everyone.

How to Move to Portugal from the USA

Relocating to Portugal from the USA involves several steps, including obtaining the necessary legal documentation, finding accommodation, and adjusting to a new culture and language.

1. Obtain a Residence Visa

The first step to move to Portugal is to apply for a residence visa. You can do this at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in the USA. Luckily for you at Movingto we compare all the visa types and prices for you, so you can get the right visa

2. Apply for a Residence Permit

Once in Portugal, you'll need to apply for a residence permit. This can be done online through the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service website.

3. Secure Accommodation

Finding a home in Portugal can be challenging, especially in popular cities like Lisbon and Porto. We recommend starting your search online and considering hiring a local real estate agent to help you find the perfect place.

Making the Most of Your Move to Portugal

Moving to a new country can be daunting, but with the right preparation and support, you can make the transition smoothly. Consider joining expat communities, learning Portuguese, and fully immersing yourself in the local culture.

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