Can I move to Portugal during Covid?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 24, 2021

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be contemplating, "Is it possible to move to Portugal now?" The answer is a resounding yes. Portugal has successfully navigated the health crisis, and life has returned to normal. This comprehensive guide outlines what you need to know for a smooth relocation to Portugal in this new era.

Moving to Portugal Post-Pandemic: What's Changed?

We're delighted to share that Portugal has made a strong recovery from the pandemic, with daily life returning to its usual rhythm. There are no longer restrictions in place, even in healthcare facilities; mask-wearing is not mandatory, reflecting the successful management of the health crisis.

Understanding the Legalities

Regardless of the pandemic, the process of moving to Portugal requires certain formalities. Ensure you secure a NIF (Portuguese tax number), which is crucial for opening bank accounts, registering for utility bills, and more. Concurrently, make sure to apply for a relevant visa.

Portugal's Housing Market in the New Normal

The housing market in Portugal has remained resilient throughout the pandemic and has returned to normalcy. Nevertheless, it's wise to study the current market trends for the best outcome in securing your ideal home.

Embrace a New Beginning in Portugal

With the Covid-19 era behind us, now is an opportune moment to start fresh in a new locale. Portugal, with its rich culture, welcoming locals, and stunning landscapes, offers a fantastic place to embark on your new journey.

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