Moving to Spain: Your Comprehensive Guide

We'll save you money, time, and stress while you make your move by comparing the best visas, NIFs, and taxes.

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Digital Nomad Visa

Recently introduced, targeting remote professionals. It is suitable for individuals employed by a non-Spanish company, managing a business that operates remotely, or freelancing with less than 20% of clients from Spain.

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Wealth Visa

This permit grants individuals the ability to live in Spain for a year without employment privileges. Key criteria for eligibility include adequate financial resources and private Spanish health insurance.

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Golden Visa

The Golden Visa refers to a residency and employment authorization available to individuals who invest €500,000 in property within Spain, allocate €1 million to Spanish shares, or deposit €1 million in a Spanish bank or investment fund. Relatives of the permit recipient can also live and work in Spain using this method.

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Work permit in Spain

This residency and work permit cater to individuals employed in positions that necessitate advanced or university-level education, usually in fields crucial to Spain's economic development. To be eligible for this permit, applicants must possess a minimum level of expertise in their field.

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Spanish Nationality

There are several ways to obtain Spanish citizenship. Our partners in immigration law will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

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Beckham Law

This tax regime, also known as the special expatriate tax regime," is very attractive as it greatly reduces your income tax rate. Your Spanish income will be taxed at a flat rate of 24%. This tax regime lasts for up to six years, as long as you remain employed. However, you must request it within six months of registering for Spanish social security.

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Tax System in Spain

After 183 days will be considered a Tax Resident in Spain. Navigating the Spanish tax system can be challenging, and it's crucial to avoid being subject to double taxation.


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