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Prismaat Review

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One of the best places to move to in Europe is Portugal. This is because the country has a long and interesting history, a nice climate, good infrastructure, is safe, and has good living conditions. However, if you are going to move to Portugal, you should also think about what you need for the migration.

Prismaat is a mobility consulting company offering assistance with all relocation processes to Portugal. Clients looking for visas and residence permits for businesses, investments, schools, and more can find expert services at Prismaat. 

Prismaat website overview

Prismaat Review Summary

Prismaat has been in business since 2018 and has helped over 200 clients from across continents meet their specific mobility objectives. 

The company boasts a team of professionals with deep local knowledge and international experience. Also, they work with customers’ strategic objectives and prioritize satisfaction for all.

This review of Prismaat will look at the company's products and services, their features, how customers rate them, and more. We will also cover some of the frequently asked questions related to Prismaat.

Prismaat Prices

Company Service Price
Prismaat D7 Visa 2,500 EUR Apply
Prismaat D6 Visa 1,500 EUR Apply
Prismaat D2 Visa 4,000 EUR Apply
Prismaat D8 Nomad Visa 2,500 EUR Apply
Prismaat Driving License 500 EUR Apply

Prismaat Products/Services

Prismaat offers several mobility-related services. This includes entrepreneurship mobility, investment mobility, and individual mobility. The company helps clients apply for visas and gives them advice on how to do business and invest in Portugal. 

Here are the major visa services Prismaat offers clients:

Golden Visa

Residence Authorization for Investment Activity, also called the "Golden Visa Program," is a document that lets people from countries outside of Europe get temporary permits to live in Portugal so they can do business there. 

Golden Visa holders can enter Portugal without a residence visa and can live and work in the country. Holders can also apply for permanent residence permits (after five years), a Portuguese passport, and naturalization as a Portuguese citizen if they meet other legal requirements. 

However, depending on the type of investment suitable for each candidate, applicants must meet the required modalities for the Golden Visa. There are eight different modalities, including capital transfers of €1.5 million or more to an account in Portugal, real estate purchases of €500,000 or more, and creation and maintenance of at least ten jobs for five years, among others.

The Portuguese government announced the end of the Golden Visa on 16 February 2023. They introduced a set of measures to address various concerns about Portugal’s housing policy. This announcement initiated a phase whereby the government will subject the measures to public scrutiny. 

During this phase, major stakeholders across industries will lend their opinion on the positive and negative impacts of the measures. After that, there will be a ministerial meeting on 16 March 2023 to make a final decision on the measures.

The ministers will then send it to the President, who will dispute it or send it for publication. Once these processes are completed, the law will go into effect.


At Prismaat, clients looking to set up businesses in Portugal can get all the assistance they need. In order to do this, you need to know a lot about the local laws, culture, languages, politics, geography, competition, and other things. Prismaat has professionals knowledgeable on these subjects and ready to share.

There are different modalities to choose from, depending on your professional practice and current situation. These include the D1 visa, the D2 visa, the expression of interest article 88, and the expression of interest article 89. 

The D1 visa is for those who need visas and intend to work at local companies, while the D2 visa is for those who need visas and have business plans to present. Expression of Interests article 88 is for subordinate workers, while Expression of Interests article 89 is for freelancers or people who want to grow their business in Portugal and need residence permits.  


Portugal is open to people who want to do things like study, spend their pension, go on vacation, or attend family gatherings. As a result, they have several visa options, like the student, digital nomad, D7 visa, etc. Also, there are many details to consider to obtain these visa types.

The types of visas and permits, taxes and restrictions on shipped household items, health insurance, and other details must be sorted. Prismaat can offer expert assistance on these subjects. They can also help apply for Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax status to help those fully relocating or coming to work in Portugal access lower tax rates on certain types of foreign income.

Note that certain factors determine the travel documents you will need to get into Portugal legally. These include nationality, the purpose of the visit, and the intended period of stay. While EU/EEA and Swiss nationals can get through with identity cards, other visitors will need valid passports and visas. 

Most of the time, the Portuguese embassy in the nation where you reside handles Portuguese visas. On the other hand, Portugal's Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) will issue the residence permit.

Prismaat also offers expat services. They can help pick you up on arrival, reserve accommodations, get your children in school, help you get a new home, and assist with other areas to help you settle in properly.

Pros and Cons of Prismaat

Prismaat, like any other company, has advantages and disadvantages to working with them.


  • Deep Insight and Experience

Prismaat has a team of experts who know a lot about local and international immigration, starting a business, investing, and tax policies and practices. 

  • Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

Prismaat works with specific customer objectives and executes them with high success. The company has had over 200 satisfied customers since it began its operation in 2018.


  • High Fees

Prismaat charges high fees for its services. This is because the NIF and NHR services are included in all the company’s rates.

How Prismaat compares

Prismaat has competitors who offer similar services, but how do they compare? Let’s find out!

Prismaat vs. Bordr

Bordr is a service provider that helps clients obtain Portuguese NIFs, bank accounts, and birth certificates. The company wants to help people who move to Portugal but have trouble getting these services and documents. Bordr's services are quick, effective, and easy on the wallet. If there are no problems, they can get the documents in a few weeks. 

Prismaat, on the other hand, offers these same services, except birth certificates. But it is a step ahead due to its visa application services. So, clients with birth certificates can get a full-service option, since all the other steps can be taken care of by the company, which means less work for them.

Prismaat vs. Lexidy

Lexidy offers legal services to entrepreneurs, nomads, businesses, retirees, etc., to help them move to Portugal and other EU countries easily. The team is dedicated to helping clients get visas, fill out tax forms, register businesses, and buy real estate.

Prismaat and Lexidy are in the same league because they offer a similar and wider range of services. However, while Prismaat is focused on Portugal alone, Lexidy helps process visas for individuals who want to move to Spain, Italy, Greece, or France. Also, Lexidy has physical offices in Portugal, Spain, and Greece, whereas Prismaat is only in Braga, Portugal. 

Prismaat vs. Anchorless

Anchorless aims to help immigrants settle seamlessly in Portugal. They achieve this by offering two main services: the Portuguese birth certificate and the NIF. As of this writing, a third service is in the works to help immigrants get NHR status, which stands for "non-habitual resident."

Anchorless uses a signed power of attorney to help people from other countries who want to move to Portugal with their money. The company focuses on offering personalized services to enhance clients’ experiences. Anchorless can get NIF requests from clients in any part of the world in 7 days.

Prismaat doesn't help people get birth certificates, but it does help people get bank accounts and NIFs. Applicants can also leverage Prismaat’s visa services to ease their immigration process to Portugal. They also have an existing NHR service. So, it is safe to say that Prismaat has more offerings than Anchorless. 

Customer support

The Prismaat team helps its customers right away to make sure they don't make any documentation mistakes. They also speed up the whole application process by getting along well with officials and having a good reputation. Also, clients can ask questions through different ways of getting in touch, such as emails, phone calls, social media handles, and the website's contact form. 

Because Prismaat has good customer service, it is easier for clients to get visas through them than through other companies. 


What kinds of visas can Prismaat help me with, and how do I know which one is right for me?

Prismaat can help you process your Golden Visa if you have the funds to invest in real estate and companies or plan to set up your own company. People who want to get D1, D2, D7, tech, freelancer, student, or digital nomad visas can also use their visa services. 

Choosing the right visa option depends on many factors, including your purpose for going to Portugal, your stay duration, your finances, and your future plans. Any option you pick should align properly with these factors.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Portugal visa, and how do I know if I'm eligible?

Portugal offers various visa options, meaning that the eligibility requirements will differ. So, to know your eligibility status, you will have to decide on an option, after which you can check the applicable requirements.

What paperwork do I need to apply for a visa, and how can Prismaat help me get it?

The standard documents you need to apply for a Portuguese visa are the visa application form, passport photos, a valid passport, copies of any previous visas, proof of where you will stay, a cover letter, proof that you are a citizen, and proof that you have enough money. The Consulate may ask for more documents, depending on your visa type. 

How does Prismaat help people apply for visas, and how often do they succeed?

Prismaat helps clients by making sure they have all the documents they need and giving them close support before meetings. Since one mistake can set your application back by months, Prismaat makes sure that all of your paperwork is in order. The company has more than 200 satisfied clients and 43 5-star ratings on Google Reviews

What kind of customer support is available when using Prismaat's immigration services, and how can I access it?

Prismaat communicates clearly, enabling clients to know their visa requirements. They also provide professional advice and assistance at a fair rate. The team is meticulous during the entire process to ensure they sort documents properly. Prismaat also has good customer service and responds quickly to questions asked by phone, email, or social media.

How long does it usually take to get a visa, and can Prismaat speed up the process?

It takes an average of 15 days for a Portuguese visa to be processed. But depending on the complexity of your application, this could take longer. Prismaat can help speed up the application process because they have good relationships with the right people. This gives applicants some peace of mind.


Visiting or moving to Portugal requires a few steps and pieces of paper, but it doesn't have to be scary. You can use Prismaat, which is a mobility consulting company that helps immigrants reach their goals. 

The company helps with all kinds of visas, including those for business, education, retirement, vacation, family reunion, and investment. They also offer expat services to help clients settle properly in Portugal. 

Prismaat has a high success rate and over 200 satisfied clients. They prioritize customer satisfaction and are ready to provide support at any level. 

If you need the weight of relocating to Portugal lifted off your shoulders, Prismaat is the place for you. Contact the company to start your application or get more information.

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