Portugal Birth Certificate

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Ana Fankhauser
February 23, 2023

Why do I need a Portuguese Birth Certificate?

For some official tasks in Portugal, you might be asked to present your birth certificate. For instance, if you were born in Portugal but currently hold citizenship in another nation, you will need to present your birth certificate in order to apply for nationality or a NIF tax number. Now that we know where to look for your Portuguese birth certificate, how to get one, and why you might need one, let's look at those topics together.

How do I make a request for a second birth certificate?

You can simply order a duplicate of your Portuguese birth certificate online from any of the businesses we review in this article. Check out the table price below. Your certificate will then be sent to you via email in PDF format, where you can print as many copies as you need. To avoid having to request it again in the future, it is advised that you store this digital copy in a location that you will remember. You will have to ask for a new original birth certificate if it is lost.

Best companies to get a Birth Certificate from

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Company Service Price
Bordr Birth Certificate 90 USD Apply


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