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Bordr Review

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Getting paperwork from government agencies in your area of residence is stressful, time-consuming, and mentally draining. It is twice as stressful if you are getting documents you will need in another country.

If you are moving to Portugal, there is a list of documents you need, chief among them the NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal). Another thing you would need is a bank account.

Directly requesting these documents from government agencies can take months to resolve. How can you save time and stress when applying for a NIF and bank account? 

Bordr solves these problems by helping you get these documents quickly and without fuss.

I know you have questions such as: "How quickly?" Can they be trusted? What other services does Bordr render? These questions are answered in this review.

If you have been in Portugal for a while without having a NIF and now need one, this review will help you.

What is Bordr?

Bordr is a service company that helps its users get Portuguese NIFs and bank accounts from afar. They also obtain Portuguese birth certificates for citizens and those born in Portugal.

Bordr was created in 2020 by a couple, Richard and Kathleen. 

They were inspired to create this business after struggling to get these services when they moved to Portugal from the US.

Bordr prides itself on offering fast and efficient service at very affordable prices. Most documents can be obtained within a few weeks if there are no constraints. 

They also have one of the easiest-to-use digital experiences in the field and are known for having great customer service and being completely honest. Their customer support crew is available five days a week to meet your needs.

Bordr Services Prices

Company Service Price
Bordr NIF 140 USD Apply
Bordr Open bank account 315 USD Apply
Bordr Birth Certificate 90 USD Apply

Bordr Services

Bordr's main services right now are a Portugal NIF, a bank account, and a Portuguese birth certificate. 

These services are primarily for those relocating to Portugal and those currently in the country who don’t have the documents mentioned above.

The Portugal NIF

The NIF is your taxpayer identification number in Portugal. It is a very important document because you need it for your daily life and transactions. 

Bordr will obtain this document for you within one week if there are no delays from the tax office.

Get the Portugal NIF in four simple steps.

  1. Gather the two necessary documents for obtaining a NIF
  • A valid passport (or National ID card for EU citizens) 
  • Proof of address in your country of residence
  1. Fill out an online form on Bordr and complete the required payment. It costs $150 per head.
  1. Sign your Power of Attorney. This allows your fiscal representative to request your NIF on your behalf.
  1. Wait to receive your NIF. You will receive your NIF via email with the official PDF from Financas.


Portuguese Bank Account

You can open a Portuguese bank account from anywhere in the world through Bordr. This account can then be used for other essential activities outside Portugal. For example, it can be used for your visa application or purchasing a property.

The account can be for an individual or a joint account with multiple account owners.

The bank account comes with a dedicated account manager who serves as your point of contact with the bank. Online banking access and 2 debit and credit cards are other perks of this account.

Bordr makes opening a bank account possible as they have partnered with one of the largest private banks in Portugal.

Get a Portuguese bank account in 6 simple steps.

  1. Gather the necessary documents for obtaining a bank account.
  • A valid passport 
  • Your proof of address in your country of residence
  • Proof of employment
  • Portugal NIF document
  1. Place an order on Bordr by completing the required payment and online form. One single or joint bank account costs $350 per head.
  1. Receive bank account opening instructions via mail.
  1. Fill and sign your documents and get your signature recognized by a Portuguese law firm.
  1. Mail your filled and signed documents to Portugal.
  1. Receive access to your new bank account.


  • You can also save over $100 if you need more than one NIF and a bank account, please check Bordr's prices and packages.
  • 10% off when you come to Bordr through us

Remember this are special prices we have if you come from our site, so don't forget to click the links above. You are a step closer to live your Portugal dream!

Portuguese Birth Certificate

Rather than go through the stress of interacting with government agencies to get your Portuguese birth certificate, Bordr provides you with the easiest route to getting it within 3 business days.

Get a Portuguese birth certificate in 3 simple steps

Gather the necessary information for obtaining a birth certificate.

Full name

Date of birth

Place of birth

Parent’s name

Place an order on Bordr by making the required payment and completing an online form. It costs €100.

Receive your Portuguese birth certificate as a PDF via email.

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Customers Reviews of Bordr

“Fast and efficient! Bordr is legit! super-fast and detailed communication from the customer service reps. "I received my NIF in 2 days.” - Benny from the United Arab Emirates

“I like the clear, concise, and intuitive workflow. Inquiries were responded to promptly with kindness and professionalism. "The whole process was fast and easy.” - Will from the United States

"Excellent and above expectations—a highly intuitive process when it came to applying for the NIF, we lodged paperwork on a Sunday evening and received it late on Tuesday night (Singapore time)—talk about efficiency!" "I should’ve just done it earlier!” Darrel from Singapore.

Frequently ask Questions

Is Bordr a trustworthy service?

Bordr has been in business since 2020 and has processed hundreds of bank accounts and thousands of NIFs. 

I have used them myself and can confirm that they are an honest company with customer support that is prompt and professional. When I did have questions or concerns, they replied within 48 hours with solutions.

How Long Does Bordr Take to Process a NIF

Bordr claims that NIFs can be processed within 7 days. This is very much dependent not just on Bordr but also on the authorities in Portugal. 

Sometimes, delays can't be helped, like when there are holidays, pandemics, natural disasters, or other things that Bordr can't control.

How Long Does It Take to Open a Bordr Bank Account?

In most cases, it takes Bordr approximately 3–4 weeks to open a bank account for a client. It is worth considering, however, that it can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as Covid outbreaks, shipping times, bank compliance issues, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Bordr Bank Account?

The cost of opening a bank account with Bordr is $350, which can be for an individual account or multiple account holders. As part of this fee, a signature certification by a lawyer in Portugal is included. Through us you will save 10%

How much does it cost to get a NIF with Bordr?

You can get a NIF with the Bordr service for $150. Through us, it will be $140. They will aim to process it within a week, and you can order it from anywhere worldwide.

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