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Lexidy Law Boutique Review

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Countries all over the world are realizing how valuable remote workers are and making special immigration programs for them. For example, digital nomads looking for a new home often choose Portugal because it is easy to get a visa and doesn't have a lot of taxes. 

Lexidy Law Boutique is a company that helps nomads, entrepreneurs, businesses, and retirees who want to move to Portugal with a variety of legal services. The Lexidy team helps clients all the way through the process of getting visas, buying real estate, registering businesses, and filling out tax forms.

Lexidy website overview

Lexidy Review Summary

Using their decades of combined knowledge and experience, Lexidy offers a full set of services to help people move to Portugal and deal with all the legal issues that come with it.

This review of Lexidy will tell you the truth about the company's products and services, their features, how customers rate them, etc. We will also cover frequently asked questions related to Lexidy.

Lexidy Services Prices

Company Service Price
Lexidy NHR 400 EUR Apply
Lexidy D7 Visa 3,100 EUR Apply
Lexidy D6 Visa 1,200 EUR Apply
Lexidy D2 Visa 1,350 EUR Apply
Lexidy NIF 250 EUR Apply
Lexidy Golden Visa 15,000 EUR Apply
Lexidy D8 Nomad Visa 3,100 EUR Apply

Lexidy Products/Services

Lexidy offers a wide range of services, such as immigration, corporate, real estate, tax and accounting, litigation, and labor services. However, this review focuses on their immigration services and how Lexidy can help you move to Portugal.

Lexidy helps migrants process their visa applications by submitting the necessary documents. Clients also get help setting up a business in Portugal, which is a requirement for some types of visas. Below are the Portuguese visa types that Lexidy can help you obtain:

Passive Income Visa

The passive income visa, which is also called the D7 visa, lets people move to Portugal and live there if they can show they have enough money to take care of themselves and their families.

Lexidy helps non-European clients who want to live in Portugal without doing any economic activities, like working, by giving them good advice. The team will analyze the client’s application to understand its viability.

Given their wealth of experience, the lawyers understand the requirements of the Portuguese Consulate, how to satisfy them, and how to fast-track the issuance of visas if there are no setbacks. Lexidy also helps applicants complete their forms, draft a motivation letter, and review documents to ensure they meet the requirements.

Portuguese Citizenship

The immigration lawyers at Lexidy can help their clients get Portuguese citizenship by showing them the right steps to take. 

Lexidy staff helps clients get the documents they need to get Portuguese citizenship, such as birth and marriage certificates. These documents are needed to ensure the applicant's connection to Portugal.

Since applying for Portuguese citizenship can be hard and take a long time, Lexidy's immigration lawyers make the process easier by helping clients fill out forms and send in their applications. The entire application and approval process could take between 1 and 2 years. 

Golden Visa

This is a way for people who live outside of Portugal to get a residence permit by investing in the country. The Golden visa is unique because it enables its holders to travel and live in any EU country. To renew the visa and keep it valid, the holder must spend at least one week every year in Portugal.

Using their vast knowledge and experience of Portugal's immigration process, Lexidy helps clients get their golden visas faster. The legal team helps clients fill out the necessary forms and looks over the paperwork to make sure it is right. 

The company's immigration experts also work with schools, translators, and health insurance companies to make sure that moving to the country goes as smoothly as possible. 

Other immigration and visa services Lexidy provides include Retirement Visa, Digital Nomad Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, and Permanent Residency. These visa types require different documentation, application, and approval processes, but Lexidy makes it easier by helping clients every step of the way.  


Lexidy LegalTech Boutique has a team of professionals who can do things like immigration, taxes, and court cases well. As of this writing, Lexidy has offices in Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

The company also has an excellent online presence with an intuitive website that offers every piece of information clients need to get started. In addition, Lexidy’s website is broken down into different categories and pages, making it easy for clients to find the appropriate person or team to speak with.

Lexidy offices


  • Adequate Support

Lexidy helps clients register with the local government and social security, making sure they get the visa they want as quickly as possible. They also make clients’ relocation processes easier by setting them up with health insurance companies, schools, translators, and real estate companies.

  • Expert Tax Advice

Lexidy helps expats in Portugal with their taxes by giving them tax opinions and simulations so they can figure out how much they will have to pay before or after moving to the country.


  • Fees

Lexidy’s services could be considered expensive; however, they are worth every penny.

Customer Support

The experienced support team at Lexidy makes sure that customers get all the help they need to get the documents they need for their applications to be processed. Hence, Lexidy clients obtain visas and residency permits much easier and faster than others.

You can email them by fill out a contact form on our site. Their usual response time is within 24 hours.

Customer Ratings

Overall, Lexidy has a 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews, meaning they offer excellent services. This is what some individuals have to say about the company and its services:

“First of all, I would like to thank all the members of the team at Lexidy for helping me get my residency card. I had a great experience, especially on the SEF appointment day, with their kind and helpful Brazilian expert, which made my experience smooth and without stress. When you decide to work with this law firm, you should notice that you don’t just pay for lawyers but also for quality, respect, and safety.  "I'm totally happy with the processes and quality of their job." Ali Delshad

“Lexidy's great team made the process of relocation to Portugal flawless and seamless."  T"They helped me with everything I needed to do, from buying a house to getting residency visas, NHR status, reuniting my family, and much more."  "I highly recommend this professional and friendly firm for all your relocation needs!” Vladislav L.

“Lexidy Law Boutique assisted me with my application for a residence permit. Dealing with SEF can be quite frustrating. But Lexidy made the whole process worry-free. A big thanks to Thabata Mota and Diana Andrade, who helped me all along. " I would consider seeking legal advice or assistance from Lexidy in the future.” Mui Li.


What types of Portuguese visas can Lexidy help me obtain?

Lexidy can help you obtain passive income, golden, retirement, digital nomad, and entrepreneur visas. The company can also assist in acquiring Portuguese citizenship and permanent residency.

Can Lexidy help me access the Portuguese healthcare system?

Yes, once you get a residence permit, Lexidy can help you sign up for the country's health care system.

How long does it take to get a Golden Visa?

The processing time is between 12 and 18 months, and the applicant must be in Portugal at some point for biometric capture.


With its wide range of immigration, legal, and tax services for seekers of Portuguese visas, Lexidy is the perfect solution for those looking to move and take advantage of the country’s many benefits.

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