What is a Portugal Job Seeker visa?

Movingto Editorial Team
June 23, 2023

The Portugal Job Seeker Visa is a type of long-term visa intended for individuals who wish to enter and reside in Portugal for the purpose of seeking employment. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Portugal does not specifically offer a "Job Seeker Visa" like Germany or some other European countries do.

Typically, a non-EU/EEA national who is interested in working in Portugal will need to first secure a job offer from a Portuguese employer. The employer often has to demonstrate that the job cannot be filled by a Portuguese or EU/EEA national. Once a job offer is secured, the individual can apply for a work visa or a residence permit for the purpose of employment.

In general, Portugal does have several types of visas and permits to facilitate different work and residence scenarios, such as the D2 Visa for entrepreneurs or the D7 Visa for passive income holders. Each visa category has specific requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicant. Instead, they have a range of visas and residence permits tailored for work purposes. Let's explore these in detail.

Temporary Stay Visa for Work

The Temporary Stay Visa for Work is ideal for those planning to work in Portugal for up to 1 year. This visa provides a convenient pathway for professionals across the globe to contribute to Portugal's vibrant economy.

Residence Visa for Work

If you've secured a long-term work contract or job offer in Portugal, you can apply for the Residence Visa for Work. This visa allows you to stay in Portugal for more than a year, making it perfect for those planning to make Portugal their new home.

Residence Visa for Independent Work or Entrepreneurial Activities

For independent professionals or aspiring entrepreneurs, Portugal offers the Residence Visa for Independent Work or Entrepreneurial Activities. If you plan to work independently or start a business in Portugal, this visa can pave the way.

While many countries offer a "Job Seeker Visa" to facilitate job hunting within their borders, this is not the case in Portugal. However, it's not uncommon for people to inquire about such a visa, given its prevalence in other countries.

Interested in learning more about Portugal's work visas and how they can help you achieve your professional goals in Portugal? Contact the Movingto team for more information. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

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