How do I live and work in Portugal?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 24, 2021

Are you fascinated by the idea of moving to Portugal? If "how do I live and work in Portugal?" is a question that's on your mind, we've curated a guide packed with valuable insights to help you with your relocation process.

An Overview: Making Portugal Your Home

There are compelling reasons why an increasing number of individuals are choosing Portugal as their place of residence. Apart from the country's stunning landscapes, warm and welcoming locals, and an overall high quality of life, the opportunities for personal and professional growth are tremendous.

Securing Your Portuguese Documents: Your First Step

The pathway to living and working in Portugal begins with obtaining certain key documents. The first on the list is a NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal), also known as a tax identification number. This number is essential for a range of activities such as opening bank accounts, registering for utility bills, and more. Even if you are abroad, applying for a NIF is straightforward and can be accomplished with the help of many available online services.

Mapping Your Journey: Choosing the Right Visa

Once you've obtained your NIF, the next step is to apply for a visa that suits your circumstances and intentions. This is a critical stage, and we recommend starting the visa application process well before you plan to travel to Portugal. Here are some visa options:

  • D7 Visa: Aimed at retirees and remote workers, the D7 visa requires you to apply while still in your home country.
  • Golden Visa: Although this can be a pricier route, the Golden Visa offers residency to individuals who make a significant investment in Portuguese real estate or business ventures.
  • D2 Startup Visa: Designed for entrepreneurs who wish to establish a startup in Portugal, the D2 visa does require comprehensive documentation that demonstrates the potential and viability of your business idea.
  • D8 Digital Nomad Visa: A new and exciting option for remote workers, this visa allows digital nomads to legally live and work in Portugal while maintaining their employment in a foreign company.

Living and Working in Portugal: Opportunities Abound

The professional landscape in Portugal is broad, offering a multitude of opportunities. From vibrant tech startups to thriving tourism and hospitality sectors, there are avenues for a variety of career paths. For remote workers, the new D8 Digital Nomad Visa makes Portugal an even more appealing destination.

Building a Life in Portugal

Aside from work, adapting to the Portuguese way of life involves learning about the local culture, picking up some language skills, understanding the cost of living, and familiarizing yourself with the healthcare and education systems. Portugal offers a balanced lifestyle that seamlessly blends work, leisure, and adventure.

Movingto Team: Your Reliable Partner

Relocating to a new country is undoubtedly a significant life change, and it's natural to have questions and concerns. Our dedicated team at Movingto is here to provide you with all the support and guidance you need for a seamless transition to Portugal. Contact us today.

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