Is it easy to move to Portugal with family?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 26, 2021

Should you qualify for a Portuguese visa, it’s highly likely that your family will qualify as dependents. You will need to submit documentation for their applications, however, the requirements are significantly less than the host applicant.

Portugal is a very family friendly country. The cost of childcare is significantly cheaper than most countries and the general cost of living is very low. Food is high quality, accommodation is cheap, the weather is great and most restaurants and other public spaces generally have very family friendly policies.

If you and your family don’t currently speak Portuguese, it’s fine to begin with as most Portuguese people speak excellent English. It is important to learn if you intend to reside more than 12 months. It’s particularly important for kids who are attending school and want to integrate in society. Many workplaces speak English, however, it will make a big difference if you can converse in Portuguese when applying for jobs.

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