Can a Portuguese citizen live in Spain?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 26, 2021

As a Portuguese citizen, you are also a European citizen, which entitles you to live and work in any other EU country, including Spain.

Some of the benefits of living in Spain as a Portuguese citizen include significantly higher wages, proximity to Portugal and the relatively easy transition to the Spanish language from Portuguese.

It’s also worth noting that Spain has a large Portuguese population, making the assimilation process easier. 

Portuguese and Spanish cultures share a lot of similarities, however, there are some key differences that are more nuanced. 

Madrid is a very popular destination for Portuguese people due to its close proximity to Portugal, high wages and job opportunities. 

Moving to Spain as a Portuguese expat who obtained citizenship in Portugal is a very popular thing to do. Portugal is well known for ease of entry and significant tax benefits to expats. Rather than going through the Spanish process of citizenship, many people opt to apply for citizenship in Portugal and then move to Spain as a European citizen.

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