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Is Portugal a good place to raise a family?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 29, 2021

Portugal is a very family-friendly country with many benefits for parents and children. The country has great weather, good quality food, world-class healthcare, good international education and the cost of living is significantly lower than many parts of the world. 

Culturally, the Portuguese prioritise families and have a lot of respect for pregnant women and children. Nearly all restaurants and cafes cater for children and prioritise pregnant women when having to queue.

People are very friendly and go out of their way to help where they can when they recognise a pregnant woman or children.

The only caveat is that it’s important for children to learn the local language to fully integrate with other children and families. Initially, English is fine as most people speak very good English, however, if you want to fully integrate, it’s important to take the step to learn Portuguese.

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