Why not to move to Portugal?

Ana Fankhauser
April 7, 2022

Setting the Scene: Portugal as a Destination

While Portugal is known for its beautiful landscapes, sunny climate, and enticing cuisine, prospective movers must be aware of the potential challenges that may accompany a relocation to this country.

Language Barriers: The Portuguese Tongue

For English-speaking expats, one of the first hurdles may be the Portuguese language. While many locals speak English, especially in the cities, the language barrier can be a challenge, particularly in rural areas and among older generations.

Bureaucracy: Navigating Portuguese Administration

Another potential issue could be the country's notorious bureaucracy. The paperwork associated with moving, obtaining a residency permit, or even setting up utilities can be complex and time-consuming, requiring patience and persistence.

Economic Factors: Portugal's Job Market and Salaries

While Portugal's cost of living is lower compared to many other European countries, the same applies to the average salary. Prospective movers, particularly those looking to work in Portugal, must be mindful of this when planning their relocation.

Understanding the Portuguese Way of Life

The Portuguese lifestyle, while charming and relaxed, may require an adjustment period, especially for those accustomed to more fast-paced environments. The pace of life in Portugal is slower, and this cultural aspect extends to many areas, including business practices.

Living Expenses: The Cost of Living in Portugal

While Portugal's cost of living can be lower than many other Western European countries, it's essential to take into account that this can vary greatly depending on the location. Cities like Lisbon and Porto tend to be much more expensive than smaller towns or rural areas.

Healthcare System: Portugal's Public and Private Healthcare

Portugal offers a mix of public and private healthcare, with the public system being free or low cost. However, it can also be slow and crowded, leading many expats to opt for private healthcare, which comes at a cost. It's around €30 per person a month and €17 per visit. If you want to speak with a Health Provider broker for free fill this form. He will be able to give you different quotes from the most popular Private health care providers in Portugal.

Educational Systems in Portugal

If you're considering moving with children, the education system is another factor to consider. While there are international schools available, they can be expensive, and local schools may present a language barrier.

The Final Verdict: Is Moving to Portugal Right for You?

While there may be challenges, it's essential to remember that no destination is perfect. Moving to Portugal comes with its unique hurdles, but many find the rewards are worth it. A balanced perspective will help you decide if the Portuguese lifestyle aligns with your expectations. If you want to lear more about the cons of living in Portugal read this article: 10 reason why you shouldn't move to Portugal.

At Movingto, we understand that navigating the work visa process can be complex. We're here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to our team for personalized guidance on your path to working in Portugal.

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