Why do so many English pensioners choose to live and retire in Portugal?

Ana Fankhauser
April 16, 2022

The main reason for pensioners to move to Portugal is that you will only pay 10% on your pension with the NHR tax regime.

There are many other obvious reasons like the climate is one of the biggest attractions, as it is mild and sunny all year round. This makes it a great place to enjoy retirement, as there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather.

Portugal is a country that retirees love, and one of the reasons why they choose it is because it is a very laid-back nation. There's no need to rush anywhere, and people tend to enjoy life at their own pace. This slower pace of existence may be particularly attractive to individuals wanting to retire gradually.

The cost of living in Portugal is also cheap, which makes it more affordable to retire than in some other countries.

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