Why does a minor need a NIF number in Portugal?

Movingto Editorial Team
December 21, 2022

Unraveling the Concept of the NIF Number

Firstly, understanding the role of the NIF number is crucial. This tax identification number is a mandatory requirement for all residents in Portugal, regardless of their age. It plays a significant role in several processes and transactions.

Importance of the NIF Number for Minors

Even though minors in Portugal do not typically have a source of income, the NIF number plays a significant role in various aspects. Here are the key reasons why minors need a NIF number:

  • Education: For school registrations, a NIF number for your child is often required.
  • Healthcare: Accessing public healthcare services in Portugal might also necessitate the child's NIF number.
  • Financial Purposes: If you plan to open a bank account for your minor child or buy property in their name, a NIF number is essential.

Securing a NIF Number for Your Child: The Process

Getting a NIF number for your child in Portugal is not a complicated process. You can apply at any local tax office (Finanças), and the procedure is quite similar to that for adults.

They may be required to provide certain documents, such as proof of identity and proof of residence, to obtain a NIF number. In some cases, a parent or guardian may need to provide consent for a minor to obtain a NIF number.

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