How to Obtain Your Portuguese Birth Certificate?

Movingto Editorial Team
February 23, 2023

Have you been wondering, "How can I get a Portuguese birth certificate online?" You're in the right place. In this guide, we'll take you through the options available and how to navigate the process.

Online Services for Portuguese Birth Certificates

Several companies offer services to help you obtain a Portuguese birth certificate online. Two notable ones are Bordr and AnchorLess. If you decide to use either of these services through us, the cost would be $90 or €100, respectively.

Using the Citizen's Portal for Your Portuguese Birth Certificate

Another option for obtaining your Portuguese birth certificate online is through the Citizen's Portal (Portal do Cidadão). However, this method requires you to have a digital certificate or a Portugal ID card.

Need Assistance? We're Here to Help

If you don't have a digital certificate or a Portugal ID card, don't worry. Our team at Movingto is ready to assist you. We can provide additional information and guide you through the process.

Want more advice? Get in touch with our legal experts for personalized advice. You can reach us here.

How Do We Know This?

We've assisted hundreds of people in obtaining their Portuguese birth certificates online. Our knowledge is based on our vast experience and the advice of local professionals. At Movingto, we're committed to sharing this wealth of information with you.

Getting your Portuguese birth certificate online doesn't have to be a stressful process. With our guidance and the right resources, you can navigate this process with ease.

Have you had experience obtaining a Portuguese birth certificate online? Share your experience in the comments below. Do you have more questions? Feel free to ask!

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Get in touch with our legal experts who can give you personalized advice.

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How do we know this?

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