Can I move to Portugal from UK?

Movingto Editorial Team
November 24, 2021

Since Brexit, it has become more difficult to move to Portugal from the UK. Previously you could enter and reside in Portugal as a European resident, however, now you need to apply for a visa like any other national outside of the European Union.

Luckily, Portugal has many visas that are applicable to people residing in the UK. Some of these visas include the Golden Visa, the D7 Visa, a Family Reunion Visa and the D2 Startup Visa. 

All of these visas have different requirements, so it’s worth researching further to see if any are applicable to you. The main requirements for most visas are a clean criminal record and having enough funds in your bank account to support yourself in Portugal for 12 months.

It is also worth noting that processing times of residence permits, SNS numbers and visas are significantly slower since covid. Processing times are starting to improve, however, there is still a significant backlog with visas taking up to 6-12 months to process.

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