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How to Get Portuguese Residency: Everything You Need to Know

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, there’s a very significant difference between obtaining and carrying a visa in Portugal and obtaining and carrying a residence permit. While you don’t need a visa to enter the country and visit for a while, a residence visa is required if you plan to live, work, or attend an educational institution within the country for an extended period of time.

Ana Fankhauser

November 30, 2021


How to Get Portuguese Citizenship: Your Guide

While becoming a citizen of Portugal isn’t a requirement for living and working in the country, it is still an option. One of the best things about Portugal in terms of its residency options is that it also allows for dual citizenship, which means that becoming a Portuguese citizen doesn’t mean you have to give up your national identity or cut ties with your home country.

Ana Fankhauser

November 30, 2021

Portugal NIF

What Is a Portugal NIF and How to Get One: A Guide

Are you asking yourself the important questions: What is a Portugal NIF and how can I get one? Read on and learn more from this guide.

Ana Fankhauser

November 24, 2021


10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Portugal

Do you want to move to Portugal? You're making an awesome choice. Click here to learn how moving to Portugal can upgrade your life!

Ana Fankhauser

November 22, 2021

Portugal Visas

Portugal D2 Startup Visa Prices: Compare from These Leading Firms

The Portuguese Startup Visa is an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs moving to Portugal. On our comparison of leading firms, we compare prices, time and other criteria to help you get it at the most competitive prices. We've done the comparisons so you don't have to.

Ana Fankhauser

November 19, 2021

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