Portugal Golden Visa New Rules, Changes and Updates in 2024

The Portugal Golden Visa program, launched in 2012, has been a cornerstone of Portugal's strategy to attract foreign investment. This residency-by-investment scheme has drawn thousands of non-EU investors, contributing significantly to the Portuguese economy.
July 9, 2024
Dean Fankhauser
July 9, 2024

The Portugal Golden Visa program, launched in 2012, has been a cornerstone of Portugal's strategy to attract foreign investment. This residency-by-investment scheme has drawn thousands of non-EU investors, contributing significantly to the Portuguese economy. However, recent years have seen substantial changes to the program, aimed at addressing various economic and social concerns. This comprehensive article delves deep into the new rules, changes, and updates to the Portugal Golden Visa program, providing potential investors with crucial information for making informed decisions.

Historical Context and Reasons for Changes

Program Success and Initial Impact

  • Over 10,000 main applicants since 2012
  • More than €6 billion in investments, predominantly in real estate
  • Significant boost to the Portuguese economy, especially post-2008 financial crisis

Emerging Concerns

  • Overheating of real estate markets in Lisbon, Porto, and coastal areas
  • Limited impact on job creation and productive sectors
  • Criticism of the program's role in potential money laundering
  • Pressure from the European Union to regulate 'golden visa' schemes

Government Objectives for Reform

  • Redirect investment to interior regions and low-density areas
  • Promote urban regeneration and job creation
  • Address housing affordability issues in major cities
  • Align the program with broader economic development goals

Detailed Overview of Key Changes Implemented in 2022

Real Estate Investment Restrictions

Geographical Limitations

  • Residential property investments now restricted to:
    • Interior (inland) areas of Portugal
    • Autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores
    • Designated 'low-density' areas
  • Exclusion of Lisbon, Porto, and most of the Algarve and Silver Coast for residential investments

Commercial Real Estate

  • Commercial property investments still permitted in all areas
  • Includes properties zoned for services, industry, or tourism

Impact on Different Regions

  • Potential boost for interior regions like Alentejo and Central Portugal
  • Increased focus on the islands of Madeira and Azores
  • Shift in investment patterns in major cities towards commercial properties

Increased Investment Thresholds

Capital Transfer

  • Minimum increased from €1 million to €1.5 million
  • Aimed at attracting higher-value investments

Investment Funds

  • Minimum raised from €350,000 to €500,000
  • Focus on channeling investments into regulated and diversified funds

Research Activities

  • Investment threshold increased from €350,000 to €500,000
  • Encourages contribution to Portugal's scientific and technological development

Emphasis on Job Creation and Urban Renewal

Job Creation Option

  • Remains unchanged: creation of at least 10 full-time jobs
  • No minimum investment amount required
  • Increased attractiveness due to restrictions on real estate

Urban Rehabilitation Focus

  • Maintained €350,000 threshold for properties over 30 years old or in urban rehabilitation areas
  • Encourages restoration of older properties and urban regeneration

Comprehensive Breakdown of Current Investment Options

Real Estate Investment

Standard Option

  • €500,000 in any area for commercial properties
  • €500,000 in designated interior areas for residential properties

Rehabilitation Option

  • €350,000 for properties over 30 years old or in urban rehabilitation areas (in designated regions)
  • Additional renovation costs often required

Low-Density Areas

  • €280,000 in low-density areas for properties over 30 years old or in urban rehabilitation areas
  • 20% discount on standard thresholds in these areas

Capital Transfer

Bank Transfer

  • €1.5 million transfer to a Portuguese bank account
  • Funds can be used for various investments within Portugal

Research Investment

  • €500,000 investment in research activities
  • Ay accredited institutions

Investment Funds

  • €500,000 investment in eligible investment funds
  • Portuguese regulators must approve funds.

Job Creation

Standard Option

  • Creation of at least 10 full-time jobs
  • No minimum investment amount required

Combined Option

  • €500,000 investment coupled with the creation of 5 permanent jobs

Cultural Production and Heritage

Artistic Production

  • €250,000 investment in artistic production or support for the arts

Cultural Heritage

  • €250,000 for the recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage
  1. Detailed Impact Analysis of the Changes

Real Estate Market

Urban Centers

  • Cooling effect on property prices in Lisbon, Porto, and coastal areas
  • Shift towards commercial and tourism properties in these regions

Interior Regions

  • Increased demand and potential price appreciation in eligible areas
  • Development of new real estate projects catering to Golden Visa investors

Renovation and Rehabilitation

  • Surge in interest for renovation projects in historic town centers
  • Contribution to urban regeneration in smaller cities and towns

Investment Patterns

Diversification of Investments

  • Increased interest in commercial real estate and investment funds
  • Growing attention to agricultural and tourism projects in interior regions

Regional Economic Impact

  • Potential for more balanced regional development
  • Job creation in areas previously overlooked by foreign investment

Sector-specific Growth

  • Boost to the construction and renovation sectors in interior regions
  • Increased investment in research and development activities

Application Numbers and Investor Demographics

Initial Adjustment Period

  • Temporary decrease in application numbers following the changes
  • Gradual recovery as investors adapt to new options

Shift in Investor Profiles

  • Attraction of more entrepreneurial investors interested in job creation
  • Increased diversity in investment types and locations

Nationality Trends

  • Continued strong interest from Chinese, Brazilian, and U.S. investors
  • Emerging interest from new markets adapting to the changed landscape

Transition Period and Grandfathering Details

Implementation Timeline

  • Changes announced in February 2020
  • Originally planned for July 2021, delayed to January 1, 2022

Grandfathering Provisions

  • Applications submitted before January 1, 2022, processed under old rules
  • Existing Golden Visa holders not affected for renewals

Renewal Considerations

  • Importance of maintaining the original investment for renewals
  • Potential implications for those wanting to change investment type

Future Outlook and Potential Developments

Possible Further Adjustments

  • Ongoing government reviews of the program's impact
  • Potential for fine-tuning of rules based on economic indicators

New Investment Categories

  • Discussions about introducing sustainability-focused investment options
  • Possibility of technology and innovation-centric investment routes

EU-Level Developments

  • Increased scrutiny from European Union institutions
  • Potential for EU-wide regulations on citizenship and residency-by-investment programs

Practical Considerations for Potential Investors

Due Diligence on Eligible Areas

  • Importance of thorough research on permitted investment locations
  • Consideration of future development potential in chosen areas

Investment Route Selection

  • Careful evaluation of various investment options against personal goals
  • Consideration of long-term implications of each investment type

Legal and Financial Advice

  • Crucial role of experienced lawyers and financial advisors
  • Importance of up-to-date local knowledge in navigating new rules

Application Process Updates

Digitalization Efforts

  • Increased emphasis on online application submissions
  • Potential for streamlined processes and reduced processing times

Documentation Requirements

  • Additional proof needed for investments in specific regions
  • Enhanced due diligence on source of funds

Processing Times

  • Initial delays due to adaptation to new rules
  • Expectations for normalization of processing times

Comparative Analysis with Other Golden Visa Programs

European Alternatives

  • Comparison with programs in Greece, Spain, and Malta
  • Portugal's positioning in the European golden visa landscape

Global Competition

  • Analysis of how Portugal's changes compare to global trends in investment migration
  • Potential impact on Portugal's attractiveness compared to non-EU programs

Case Studies

Successful Adaptations

  • Examples of investors successfully navigating the new rules
  • Innovative investment approaches under the revised program

Challenges Faced

  • Common obstacles encountered by investors post-changes
  • Strategies employed to overcome these challenges


The Portugal Golden Visa program continues to evolve, reflecting changing economic priorities and addressing both domestic and international concerns. While the new rules present challenges, they also open up opportunities for more diverse and potentially impactful investments across Portugal. The program remains a valuable pathway to Portuguese residency and EU access, but now requires a more nuanced and informed approach to investment.

Prospective applicants must stay abreast of these changes, conduct thorough due diligence, and seek expert advice to navigate the new landscape successfully. By understanding and adapting to these new rules, investors can not only benefit from the program but also contribute meaningfully to Portugal's broader economic development goals, particularly in regions that have historically seen less foreign investment.

As the program continues to adapt, it will likely maintain its position as one of Europe's most attractive residency-by-investment schemes, offering a unique blend of lifestyle benefits, investment opportunities, and a potential pathway to EU citizenship.

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