Bordr vs e-Residence: Best Path to Portuguese Residency

Navigating the choice of Bordr vs e-Residence for securing Portuguese residency can be straightforward.
April 19, 2024
Bordr vs e-Residence: Best Path to Portuguese Residency
Ana Fankhauser
April 19, 2024

Navigating the choice of Bordr vs e-Residence for securing Portuguese residency can be straightforward. We break down each service’s approach, from Bordr’s hands-on support to e-Residence’s streamlined digital experience, preparing you to select with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Bordr and e-Residence offer services to facilitate the Portuguese residency application process, with Bordr providing assistance for obtaining NIF numbers and bank accounts, and e-Residence expected to offer digital identities and support for business activities.
  • The application process for both Bordr and e-Residence is conducted online and includes multiple steps such as form submission, biometric verification, and obtaining a local tax representative for NIF applications.
  • Customer experiences and reviews suggest Bordr offers efficient and knowledgeable service, despite occasional delays due to external factors, while anticipation is high for the launch of e-Residence, promising digital solutions for non-EU/EEA nationals.

Comparing Bordr and e-Residence Services

Illustration of a passport and a digital device

Migration is not just a journey across borders; it’s a leap into a new way of life, often filled with bureaucratic hurdles. Helping to clear these hurdles are Bordr and e-Residence, each offering a lifeline to those seeking to call Portugal home. Both services aim to smooth out the wrinkles of immigration and residency, adapting to the diverse needs of EU/EFTA nationals, who enjoy visa-free entry, and non-EU nationals, who are in pursuit of permanent or long-term residency.

With Portugal’s golden visa scheme undergoing changes, the importance of reliable residency services has never been higher. While e-Residence is gearing up to modernize the process, Bordr is already on the ground, providing online assistance for crucial tasks such as opening a bank account and applying for an NIF number, offering a glimpse of the potential seen in Estonia’s pioneering e-Residency model.

Bordr's Key Features

When stepping onto Portuguese soil, the Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) becomes your golden key to a new realm of possibilities. To get a NIF, Bordr stands out in securing this key for foreigners, streamlining the process to as swift as a seven-day turnaround. But the perks don’t end there; imagine:

  • creating a Portuguese bank account from the comfort of your current abode
  • having a dedicated manager
  • accessing online banking
  • receiving debit and credit cards to kickstart your financial journey in your new country

Not to be overlooked is the often-overwhelming task of acquiring a Portuguese birth certificate. Bordr tackles this too, offering remote assistance to deliver this essential document swiftly within three business days. As you weave through the corridors of Portuguese bureaucracy, Bordr’s offerings signal a beacon of efficiency, especially for those seeking D7 and Golden Visas, amidst the vibrant tapestry of Lisbon’s streets or the serene coastal towns of the Algarve. With the support of the Portuguese government, navigating these processes becomes much more manageable.

e-Residence's Key Features

On the horizon, e-Residence looms as a digital fortress, ready to bestow upon its citizens and firms a digital identity, a virtual passport to engage in professional and corporate activities in Portugal. This modern-age service simplifies the process of obtaining a tax identification number (NIF) remotely, making it an indispensable tool for non-resident EU citizens, including EU citizen, third-country nationals, and beyond. The national ID card serves as a physical counterpart to the e-Residence, providing a comprehensive solution for identification purposes, all under the supervision of the Portuguese tax authority.

Moreover, for the entrepreneurial spirit, e-Residence lays out the red carpet, offering comprehensive support for business establishment and management, navigating through the legalese to create companies with ease. And for those looking to merge the old with the new, opening a Portuguese bank account through e-Residence can be achieved with the convenience of cryptocurrency payments, bridging traditional finance with the digital age.

The Application Process: Bordr vs e-Residence

Online application forms

Embarking on the application journey is akin to setting sail across the Atlantic; preparation and guidance are key. Both Bordr and e-Residence usher applicants through an online process, beginning with forms, continuing with biometric verification, and culminating with the submission of essential documents. e-Residence, in particular, mandates a local tax representative for NIF applications, a service they include for a year as part of their processing fee, ensuring a smooth voyage through the tax office waters.

Once the sails are hoisted, you can track your e-Residence application’s progress in their digital environment, with updates delivered straight to your inbox, ensuring you’re never lost at sea. It’s a journey that, while mostly swift, can be at the mercy of external factors such as public holidays or unforeseen events, potentially extending the timeline up to a month. Nonetheless, with clear communication and a steadfast team, the voyage from application to obtaining your Portuguese NIF number can be a navigable adventure.

Pricing Comparison

As you chart your course towards Portuguese shores, the financial compass points towards a crucial aspect of your journey: the costs. With Bordr, obtaining a NIF number is a voyage that comes with a $150 price tag, while the quest to open a bank account carries a fee of $350, a sum that encompasses the expertise of a lawyer in Portugal for the necessary signature certification.

While e-Residence’s pricing is cloaked in the mists of the future, with its launch yet to unfold, the essence of Bordr’s pricing structure is transparency, offering a clear financial map for your journey. The timeframes for these services are as swift as the Atlantic breeze, typically within a week for a NIF and a month for a bank account, though occasionally the winds of external circumstances may cause delays.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

The tales of those who have navigated the residency waters before us can serve as guiding stars. Ian L. from Illinois found Bordr’s services to be a seamless current that swiftly carried him to his destination, with a team ever-ready to support his journey. Juliana and Joseph H. from New York sang praises of the efficiency and knowledge of Bordr’s crew, a testament to the time and cost savings they experienced on their voyage.

E-Residence, though still on the brink of its launch, has already earned a high Trustpilot score, signaling the trust sailors place in their vessel. Customers eagerly await the chance to set sail with e-Residence, anticipating the high efficiency and stellar communication that promise to make their residency process a breeze. As these testimonials fill the sails of potential applicants, they offer invaluable insights into the real-world experiences of those who’ve embarked on this life-altering journey.

Pros and Cons of Bordr

Bordr website overview

Bordr emerged in 2020 as a beacon for those seeking to navigate the Portuguese residency process, illuminating the path to essential documents such as the NIF. Yet, even with the brightest beacons, storms may arise. Customers have reported delays due to external factors such as public holidays or global events, a reminder that the journey is not always smooth sailing.

Despite these occasional gusts, Bordr remains a steadfast ship, its services a valuable treasure for those charting a course for Portugal. The pros of a streamlined process and hands-on support are weighed against the cons of possible delays, painting a realistic picture for the prospective resident.

Pros and Cons of e-Residence

Though e-Residence is yet to unfurl its sails, the promise it holds for digital nomads and non-EU/EEA nationals is like a lighthouse on the horizon, guiding towards easier work opportunities and a network as vast as the ocean itself.

The anticipation for e-Residence to drop anchor is palpable, with its expected benefits for those seeking a digital identity for their professional and corporate activities in Portugal. While the full map of its pros and cons will be charted upon its launch, the outlines of a service that caters to a modern, mobile workforce are already visible.

Who Should Choose Bordr?

For retirees and investors whose compasses point towards the serene landscapes and stable climate of Portugal, Bordr presents itself as a steady ship with sails ready to be filled by the winds of passive income. The service is a lighthouse for those who value detailed planning, continuous support, and professional advice as they navigate the relocation process.

Bordr’s services resonate particularly well with individuals looking to connect with their home country, especially those from countries like:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

This ensures that those from afar can find a home in Portugal with ease. If you prioritize clear guidance and assistance when facing the rolling tides of relocation, Bordr may be your ideal first mate.

Who Should Choose e-Residence?

e-Residence website overview

The digital nomad, with sails unfurled and eyes set on the horizon of remote business opportunities, will find in e-Residence a vessel well-equipped for their journey. For non-EU/EEA nationals in search of a digital identity to anchor their professional activities in Portugal, e-Residence promises to be a guiding star.

Those who ply the digital seas, seeking to conduct their affairs on the go, will recognize in e-Residence a service designed to meet their unique needs. If the freedom to operate across borders while being anchored in the EU appeals to your wanderlust, e-Residence could be the compass guiding your way through online services.

Additional Resources and Support

As any seasoned sailor knows, a voyage is only as successful as the support crew behind it. Bordr and e-Residence offer more than just navigation through paperwork; their customer support is the wind in the sails of applicants, providing assistance for everything from general inquiries to specific data rights concerns.

With e-Residence, you’re not alone on the high seas; a comprehensive FAQ section and the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board stand ready to assist. Additionally, professional immigration advice is available to help you understand the various visa or permit requirements, ensuring that your journey to residency is as smooth as clear skies.

Tips for a Smooth Residency Process

Setting sail towards residency in Portugal requires more than just a love for the country’s golden beaches and rich culture; it demands a well-stocked ship. For those navigating the D7 Visa waters, it’s crucial to showcase a stable cache of passive income that meets or exceeds the minimum wage, ensuring you can comfortably ride the waves of your new life.

And when the time comes to drop anchor and claim permanent residency, be prepared to demonstrate your embrace of the local culture by passing a Portuguese language exam at the A2 level. By planning for these and other contingencies, you can turn the whole process from a daunting voyage into a smooth sail towards your new home.


As our journey through the services of Bordr and e-Residence comes to a close, we’re reminded that the path to residency is a voyage of discovery, one that requires a reliable compass and a knowledgeable guide. Bordr, with its hands-on assistance for obtaining essential documents, and e-Residence, with its digital identity services, both offer unique advantages for those seeking to navigate the waters of Portuguese residency.

The key to a successful journey lies in choosing the service that aligns with your circumstances, be it Bordr for retirees and investors or e-Residence for digital nomads and non-EU/EEA nationals. With the insights and advice shared, you are now better equipped to embark on this exciting chapter with confidence. May the winds of fortune guide you to your chosen haven under the Portuguese sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Portuguese NIF, and why do I need one?

A Portuguese NIF is a tax identification number necessary for various financial and legal transactions in Portugal, like opening a bank account or buying property. It is essential for activities like setting up utilities (date).

Can I open a Portuguese bank account remotely?

Yes, you can open a Portuguese bank account remotely using services like Bordr, which offers online banking access and dedicated account manager support.

How long does it take to obtain a NIF through Bordr?

It usually takes about 7 days for Bordr to process NIF applications, but sometimes it may take longer due to external factors.

What are the benefits of choosing e-Residence for my residency process?

Choosing e-Residence for your residency process offers the benefit of a digital identity, allowing you to conduct professional activities and access online public services in Portugal, making it ideal for digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

What additional financial provisions should I consider for dependents when applying for the D7 Visa?

You should consider incorporating additional financial provisions of 50% of the minimum wage for a spouse and 30% for each child under 18 when applying for the D7 Visa. This will help you meet the income requirements.

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