Anchorless vs Bordr: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

When weighing Anchorless against Bordr for your NIF and banking needs in Portugal, key factors like service speed, comprehensive support, and cost immediately come to the forefront.
April 19, 2024
Anchorless vs Bordr: The Ultimate Guide in 2024
Ana Fankhauser
April 19, 2024

When weighing Anchorless against Bordr for your NIF and banking needs in Portugal, key factors like service speed, comprehensive support, and cost immediately come to the forefront. This direct comparison, “anchorless vs bordr,” will provide the clarity you need on these services, revealing which might offer the best value and efficiency for your situation - all without the distraction of unnecessary details.

Key Takeaways

  • Anchorless and Bordr both offer services for obtaining Portuguese NIFs and additional support with bank accounts and birth certificates, but Bordr provides a more comprehensive range of services, including crucial assistance for residency visa applicants.
  • While Anchorless is praised for a fast and efficient NIF application process with competitive pricing, Bordr is recognized for its thorough customer support and has been noted for rapid service, with customers often receiving their NIF within just 2 days.
  • Both service providers are considered reputable with positive ratings on Trustpilot, but potential users should weigh factors like service range, pricing, support, and company reputation when making a choice between the two.

Understanding Anchorless and Bordr

Anchorless and Bordr are service providers that facilitate the acquisition of Portuguese NIFs, bank accounts, and birth certificates, with the aim of making the process more manageable for their clients.

The Portuguese NIF, or Número de Identificação Fiscal, is a tax identification number comprising nine unique digits. Issued by the Portuguese Tax Authority, also known as the Portuguese Tax Office, it’s a requirement for all Portuguese citizens, residents, and non-residents for financial transactions like property purchases, business activities, or income tax obligations in Portugal.

Anchorless provides a digital, streamlined service that enables clients to receive their Portuguese Tax Number and Portal das Finanças password remotely via email.

On the other hand, Bordr offers a more comprehensive service that includes obtaining NIFs, opening bank accounts, and acquiring birth certificates in Portugal, all accessible remotely.

The Mission of Anchorless

Anchorless website overview

Anchorless has a clear mission: to provide a fast and smooth solution for the complex problem of getting a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF) from abroad. The company understands that its clients might be dealing with language barriers, time zone differences, and unfamiliarity with Portuguese bureaucracy. To address these challenges, Anchorless offers a free introductory call to help customers understand their services and answer any questions they may have.

Regardless of whether you are a busy professional, an enthusiastic retiree, or an ambitious student, Anchorless strives to simplify the NIF obtaining process.

Bordr at a Glance

Bordr website overview

Bordr, on the other hand, specializes in offering services to obtain a Portuguese NIF number, catering to clients’ financial prerequisites for staying or moving to Portugal. Apart from NIF acquisition, Bordr also assists clients in opening Portuguese bank accounts remotely, a necessary step for financial transactions in Portugal.

Obtaining a NIF and setting up a bank account via Bordr are critical steps for individuals who wish to apply for Portuguese residency visa programs. With their comprehensive services, Bordr aims to assist clients in smoothly transitioning into life in Portugal, whether they’re there for business, leisure, or to start a new chapter of their lives.

Key Services Comparison: Anchorless vs Bordr

Comparison between Anchorless and Bordr

Having introduced Anchorless and Bordr, we will now explore their key services in more detail. Both companies offer services to help individuals obtain a Portuguese NIF, set up a bank account, and acquire a Portuguese birth certificate. Bordr aims to solve problems for people moving to Portugal by facilitating the quick and hassle-free acquisition of necessary documents.

Let’s break down these services to get a better understanding of what each company offers and how they can assist you in your journey to Portugal.

NIF Acquisition Services

The NIF is the taxpayer identification number in Portugal and is crucial for engaging in daily transactions and legal processes, including for tax purposes. Online services such as Bordr have been established in response to the growing need for convenient methods allowing non-residents to obtain their Portuguese tax number from abroad. The procedure Bordr offers for obtaining a NIF entails:

  1. Collecting the required documents
  2. Completing an online form
  3. Signing a power of attorney
  4. Receiving the NIF by email from Financas along with an official PDF

Bordr typically promises the delivery of the NIF within a week, assuming there are no unforeseen delays from the tax office.

Remote Bank Account Assistance

Both Anchorless and Bordr offer services to assist clients in opening a Portuguese bank account remotely, using their Portuguese address.

Bordr charges $350 for assistance in opening a Portuguese bank account, which includes the support of a dedicated account manager. The Bordr bank account opening process includes:

  • Collecting documents
  • Payment
  • Online form submission
  • Receiving instructions
  • Document certification by a Portuguese lawyer
  • Mailing documents to Portugal
  • Finally receiving access to the account.

Bordr has established partnerships with one of the largest private banks in Portugal, which supports their service in opening bank accounts.

Additional Support Offerings

Anchorless and Bordr both offer services for obtaining Portuguese birth certificates. Through Anchorless, obtaining a birth certificate entails filling out an online form, making a payment, and receiving the certificate via email within one week. Bordr provides a similar service where customers can receive a Portuguese birth certificate within 3 business days by submitting the necessary information online, completing the payment, and receiving the certificate via email.

These additional services provide a one-stop solution for individuals looking to handle multiple aspects of their transition to Portugal.

Pricing Structure: What Costs to Expect

Having examined the services of both Anchorless and Bordr, we will now delve into their pricing structures. Understanding the costs involved is crucial for planning your finances and ensuring a smooth transition to Portugal.

The taxpayer card displaying one’s NIF in Portugal typically costs around €7. Bordr charges $150 for obtaining a NIF, but through their service, this cost is reduced to $140. In addition to NIF services, Bordr offers bank account opening assistance at a cost of $350, with options for individuals or multiple account holders and includes signature certification by a Portuguese lawyer.

The cost for a non-EU resident to engage a professional service for fiscal representation, including tax consultations, may depend on the individual’s local contacts, and legal assistance fees can vary, potentially exceeding 1000 euros when using a lawyer.

Anchorless Fee Schedule

Anchorless provides a streamlined process to obtain a Portuguese NIF with the following pricing options:

  • Special offer: starting from 99€
  • Simple plan: 149€ (includes six months of tax representative service)
  • Premium plan: (includes a full year of tax representative service)

Anchorless’s services are considered cost-effective, with their Simple plan’s starting price being lower than the fees generally charged by lawyers for similar tax representation services.

Bordr's Cost Breakdown

Bordr’s bank account assistance service is priced at $350, not including the bank’s own monthly fees or the requirements for an initial deposit. After the first year, Bordr charges an annual fee for tax representation and fiscal representation to maintain their services. Understanding these costs upfront can help you better plan your budget and make an informed decision about which service provider best suits your needs.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Insights into the services of Anchorless and Bordr can be gleaned from customer experiences and reviews. Customers generally report high satisfaction with Anchorless’s NIF application process, describing the experience as seamless, quick, and smooth. The service is recognized for its efficiency, with customers noting that the process of obtaining a NIF through Anchorless is easy and can be completed promptly, often within just 10 minutes. However, some customers suggest that Anchorless could improve by providing a clearer outline of the NIF application steps and better alerting applicants about required documents.

Testimonials on Anchorless

Anchorless has garnered praise for its customer assistance in NIF applications, with customers recommending its service and describing it as efficient and excellent. The service delivered by Anchorless has resulted in a high Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5, reinforcing positive customer feedback.

Customers have found Anchorless’s online assistance to be valuable, particularly during challenging aspects of the NIF application process. While Anchorless generally receives positive feedback, some customers have offered constructive criticism, suggesting enhancements in process transparency and communication.

Bordr's Client Feedback

Bordr has received exceptionally high ratings on Trustpilot, illustrating a positive user experience. Customers have described Bordr as efficient and legit, with reports of receiving a NIF within two days and positive experiences with clear and intuitive workflows. Bordr’s platform offers clear instructions to users, facilitating a straightforward and intuitive user experience.

The customer support at Bordr is responsive, assisting users efficiently with any queries or issues they may encounter. Despite the positive feedback, some clients experienced confusion due to receiving emails from multiple Bordr email addresses during the domain change.

Ease of Use: Website and Customer Interface

The usability of a website and its customer interface significantly impact the overall user experience. Both Anchorless and Bordr strive to provide an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for their customers. Bordr provides users with various support materials, such as blogs, guides, and personalized checklists, to facilitate the process.

But how do these two platforms fare in terms of navigation, accessibility, and overall user experience? Let’s find out.

Navigation and Accessibility on offers language support to cater to a broader customer base, enhancing the website’s accessibility and user experience. However, customers have recommended that improve the transparency of their application process and the accessibility of their dashboard.

Despite these suggestions for improvement, the overall feedback on’s navigation and accessibility has been positive, indicating that the platform is generally user-friendly and easy to navigate.

User Experience with

Bordr’s platform offers:

  • Clear instructions are given to users, facilitating a straightforward and intuitive user experience
  • Responsive customer support, assisting users efficiently with any queries or issues they may encounter
  • Multilingual customer support, which enhances user experience, especially for international clients who may speak different languages.

These features contribute to a positive user experience with, making the process of obtaining a NIF and other services easier and more convenient.

Processing Times and Efficiency

When selecting a service provider for NIF services, processing times and efficiency are critical factors to consider. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Anchorless claims that they can provide a NIF within a week.
  2. Bordr claims NIFs can be processed within 7 days.
  3. Customers have experienced obtaining their NIF from Anchorless within 24 hours, faster than the advertised time.

While Bordr advertises NIFs can be processed within 7 days, there is no reported average actual time from users for comparison. For opening bank accounts, Bordr typically completes the process within 3–4 weeks.

How Fast is Anchorless?

The estimated time to obtain a NIF through Anchorless is typically two days, but an expedited service option can deliver a NIF in just three days. Some customers have reported receiving their NIF from Anchorless in as little as a day, surpassing the expected turnaround time of 7 to 10 days.

Customers have recommended Anchorless for its prompt service during Portugal's immigration procedures. Anchorless typically responds to customer messages within 24 hours, demonstrating their dedication to providing efficient service.

Bordr's Speed of Service

Customers praise Bordr for rapidly processing the NIF, often receiving it in as little as 2 days. A specific case highlighted Bordr’s efficiency when a customer submitted paperwork on a Sunday and received their NIF by late Tuesday night.

Since its inception in 2020, Bordr has demonstrated a strong ability to handle volume, processing hundreds of bank accounts and thousands of NIFs.

The Importance of Customer Support

Navigating tax and financial matters in Portugal can be challenging due to language barriers and complex procedures of Finanças offices, underscoring the importance of customer support for non-Portuguese speakers. Anchorless is recognized for providing efficient and prompt customer service, which is particularly important in the context of managing financial and tax-related queries in a foreign country.

Support Channels Offered by Anchorless

Customers of Anchorless have had positive experiences with the company’s customer support via email, noting the team’s prompt and useful responses. Anchorless provides customer support through email communication and has a standard response time within 24 hours. Anchorless’s customer support has been highlighted as helpful and responsive, assisting users through the NIF application process.

However, some users have mentioned that the customer service interface had instances of being difficult to navigate, particularly when accessing the dashboard through email. Users praise Anchorless's customer service and support as being prompt and helpful despite the occasional suggestions for improvement, which adds to the effectiveness of their NIF processing service.

Bordr's Approach to Customer Care

Bordr offers the following customer support options:

  • Dedicated account managers for personalized assistance
  • Responsive email support that effectively addresses customer inquiries and issues
  • Email support is available five days a week with a commitment to not leave any email unanswered

This personalized approach to customer care, along with their commitment to responsiveness, speaks volumes about Bordr’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Company Reputation and Trustworthiness

When selecting a service provider, the company’s reputation and trustworthiness are of paramount importance. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the trustworthiness of a service provider:

  • Recognition by reputable financial institutions
  • Certifications from relevant regulatory agencies
  • Secure website with SSL encryption
  • Badges from well-known security and quality assurance companies

For their NIF service, Anchorless has received recognition from reputable financial institutions, and Bordr has certifications from numerous Portuguese finance and regulatory agencies. Both Anchorless and Bordr display secure websites with SSL encryption and badges from well-known security and quality assurance companies, indicating their level of trustworthiness.

Additionally, both companies have an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5, contributing to their reputation as trusted service providers.

Anchorless's Market Standing

Anchorless is rated as ‘Excellent’ with 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on customer reviews. The company is recognized for its cost-effective services when compared to other providers in the industry.

This high rating on a popular review platform like Trustpilot indicates a high level of customer satisfaction and adds to Anchorless’s credibility in the market.

Bordr's Credibility in the Industry

Bordr has been commended for its transparency and its contribution to reducing stress for customers going through the visa process. The company prioritizes a customer care strategy that focuses on personal connection and empathy, helping to overcome cultural, lingual, and geographical barriers.

However, there is a lack of publicly available information regarding Bordr’s trust ratings within the industry or evidence of official partnerships with Portuguese authorities. This lack of information is something that potential customers may wish to consider.

Making the Choice: Factors to Consider

So, what factors should influence your decision between Anchorless and Bordr? Consider factors such as service offerings, pricing, customer support, and company reputation.

Bordr’s service specifically assists clients who require remote banking services, which is crucial for individuals applying for residency visas such as the D7 or Golden Visa. Factoring in potential financial benefits, Bordr offers a 10% discount on services with the use of a special code at checkout, which can be an important consideration for cost-conscious customers.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, both Anchorless and Bordr offer unique advantages and services for individuals seeking to acquire a NIF, open a bank account, or obtain a birth certificate in Portugal. Anchorless offers a streamlined, cost-effective service with positive customer reviews and a clear focus on simplifying the NIF acquisition process. Bordr, on the other hand, provides a broader range of services, including bank account opening and birth certificate acquisition, with a focus on those moving to Portugal. Both companies have high customer satisfaction ratings, indicating their commitment to providing quality services. The choice between Anchorless and Bordr ultimately depends on your individual needs, budget, and preferences. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NIF, and why do I need one?

You need a NIF, or Número de Identificação Fiscal, if you are a Portuguese citizen, resident, or non-resident engaging in financial transactions in Portugal, such as property purchases or business activities.

How do Anchorless and Bordr assist in obtaining a NIF?

Anchorless and Bordr help individuals get a Portuguese NIF remotely by collecting the necessary documents, filling out an online form, and delivering the NIF via email.

What other services do these companies offer?

Both Anchorless and Bordr offer services for obtaining Portuguese birth certificates, and assist clients in opening a Portuguese bank account remotely. They also provide NIF acquisition services.

How much do these services cost?

The cost of obtaining a Portuguese NIF from Anchorless starts at 99€ for the special offer and 149€ for the simple plan. Bordr charges $150 for a NIF and $350 for bank account opening assistance.

How do customers rate the services of Anchorless and Bordr?

Customers rate the services of Anchorless and Bordr highly, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. They generally report high satisfaction with the NIF application process, describing it as seamless, quick, and smooth.

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