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Ana Fankhauser
February 10, 2023
Amazon in Portugal

This article is for people wanting to shop on Amazon from Portugal. Your best bet is to use Items will be delivered often and as fast as they are in Spain, and if you have a Prime account, shipping is still free. Another option is, which can take slightly longer to deliver; however, they will deliver to Portugal, and the shipping is often free with Prime. in Portugal is Amazon's US online store for Spain. Like on, you can buy things by putting them in your basket and going through the checkout process. Amazon accepts many different kinds of payment, like credit cards, debit cards, and Amazon gift cards.

In Spain, Amazon offers free delivery on orders over €29 and delivery options, such as standard delivery, express delivery, and Amazon Prime, which offers free, fast delivery for an annual fee. also has customer service in Spanish and different return and exchange options for customers who aren't happy with their purchases.

Basically, it is the same as, but for the Spanish market. in Portugal is the German counterpart to Since is inside of the European Union and all the shop charge in Euros some of them will ship to Portugal, however, the shipping is likely to be more expensive than shipping from

Apart from that, it's the same shop as the US online store, and it offers the same services, including Amazon Prime, which provides free shipping, streaming of movies and TV shows, and other benefits for a fee.

Other European Amazons

It's possible to shop at the Italian, and French Amazon. However, the faster and cheaper option is always going to be If you type, you will be redirected to, which is a good indication that is Amazon's preference for Portugal customers.

Non-European Amazons

We don't recommend buying from Amazon UK or Amazon US because shipping will take longer and you'll have to pay import taxes.

Amazon in Portugal warehouse

Amazon alternatives in Portugal

There are several online retailers in Portugal that offer similar products and services to Amazon. Some examples include:

  1. Worten: This Portuguese retailer offers electronics, home appliances, and other products, as well as in-store pickup and home delivery options.
  2. El Corte Inglés: This Spanish department store chain has several locations in Portugal normally in big cities like Lisbon and Porto. It offers everything from Makeup, to clothing, electronics, food, and home goods.
  3. Fnac: This French retailer has a strong presence in Portugal mostly focusing on electronics, books, and music.
  4. Ponto Frio: This Brazilian retailer offers electronics, home appliances, and furniture.
  5. Zara:  This Spanish clothing retailer has a number of stores in Portugal and offers a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.
  6. Continente: This Portuguese retail chain offers mainly groceries but also clothing, and home goods, and has a number of locations throughout the country.

These are just a few examples of online retailers that are popular in Portugal.

It might be worth checking out our other article about the best supermarkets in Portugal.

Frequently asked Questions about Amazon in Portugal

What is the cost of delivery to Portugal from Amazon US?

The cost of Amazon deliveries to Portugal depends on the size and weight of the items being sent, the delivery address, and the shipping speed chosen.

For regular shipping, usually charges a basic cost plus an extra fee based on how much the package weighs. The current basic pricing for normal shipping to Portugal is $9.99 for the first item, with extra charges depending on the package's weight. A product weighing between 1 and 2 pounds (0.45 kg and 0.9 kg) would cost an extra $5.99 to send to Portugal.

Amazon also offers faster shipping options like Priority and Priority Express, which can be more expensive than regular shipping but get items to you faster. The price of these choices will depend on the package's size, weight, and delivery location. Notably, these costs can change and may be different depending on the goods being shipped and the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro at the time. To get an accurate shipping estimate to Portugal, you should put the items you want to buy in your Amazon shopping basket and then choose your delivery country. This will show you the different shipping options and their prices.

How do I change the language on Amazon?

Yes, you can change the language on Amazon by selecting a different language from the drop-down menu on the Amazon website. The language options available will depend on the specific Amazon website you are using.

To change the language on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon website you want to use (such as,, or
  2. Look for the language dropdown menu, which is usually located in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the language you want to use from the list of options.
  4. The website will refresh and the text and menus will be displayed in the new language.

It's worth knowing that not all pages and features on Amazon are available in all languages. Some pages or features may still be displayed in the default language for the website you are using.

Do Amazon Hub Lockers exist in Portugal?

Unfortunately, Portugal does not yet have Amazon Hub Lockers yet.

Will Amazon deliver to a hotel or Airbnb in Portugal?

Yes, Amazon can deliver to a hotel or Airbnb in Portugal. When placing an order on Amazon, you can enter the hotel's or Airbnb's address as the delivery address. Amazon will then deliver the package to that address, and it will be up to the hotel or Airbnb staff to ensure that you receive the package.

It's important to know that some hotels and Airbnbs have rules about how packages can be delivered to their guests. For example, the hotel or Airbnb may require that packages be delivered to the front desk or reception area, rather than to the guest's room. It is always a good idea to check with the hotel or Airbnb staff about their policies for receiving packages before placing an order on Amazon.

It's also worth noting that Amazon may not offer all of its delivery options to every location. For instance, some rural or remote areas may not be able to get delivery the same day or the next. To find out what delivery options are available to a specific address in Portugal, you can enter the address in the delivery address field when placing an order on Amazon and see what options are available.

Does Amazon deliver to the Azores?

Yes, Amazon can ship to the Azores, which are a group of Portuguese islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. When placing an order on Amazon, you can enter a delivery address in the Azores, and Amazon will ship the package to that address.

However, it's worth noting that Amazon's delivery options and fees may vary depending on the location in the Azores. Some rural or remote areas may not be eligible for same-day or next-day delivery, and the cost of shipping may be higher to certain locations. To find out what delivery options are available to a specific address in the Azores, you can enter the address in the delivery address field when placing an order on Amazon and see what options are available.

It's also worth noting that some items may not be available for delivery to the Azores due to size, weight, or other restrictions. If you are unable to place an order for a particular item because it is not available for delivery to the Azores, you may be able to find the item from a different seller on Amazon or from another online retailer.

To recap, your best option is to buy on, where almost 98% of the retailers will ship to Portugal.

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