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AnchorLess Review

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AnchorLess provides services that help immigrants settle in Portugal. They do this by obtaining a Portuguese NIF on their behalf. With the help of a signed Power of Attorney, they provide a service of fiscal representation for those abroad who want to live in Portugal. 

AnchorLess was created by a young french team who relocated to Portugal. They were inspired to create this business to help others after going through all the procedures themselves to make the relocation happen.

AnchorLess prides itself on offering personalized services that are simple, convenient, and reliable. They are also committed to fighting climate change by funding next-generation carbon removal with 1.5% of their revenue.

This review will show how AnchorLess works and the benefits of using its services.

If you have been in Portugal for a while without a NIF and need one now, this review is also for you.

AnchorLess website overview

AnchorLess Prices

Company Service Price
AnchorLess NIF 130 EUR Apply
AnchorLess Birth Certificate 99 EUR Apply

AnchorLess Services

AnchorLess offers customers two primary services: a Portuguese NIF and Birth Certificate. A third service they will provide in the future is helping immigrants obtain a Non-Habitual Resident status (NHR).

These services are majorly for those relocating to Portugal and those currently in the country that don’t have the documents.

The Portugal NIF

The Portuguese NIF represents your taxpayer identification number. It is an essential document required for all the steps you need to take in Portugal, from opening a bank account to taking out insurance policies or renting an apartment. 

You can request your NIF from anywhere in the world through AnchorLess and will obtain it within 1 week. For only €135 if you come through our site, 10% discount will directly apply.

Get the Portugal NIF in 5 simple steps.

  1. Fill out an online form on AnchorLess.
  1. Complete the required processing fees. It costs €150 per head.
  1. Verify your identity by providing these two documents:
  • A valid passport (or National ID card for EU citizens) 
  • Proof of address in your country of residence
  1. Sign your Power of Attorney, allowing AnchorLess to request your NIF on your behalf. 
  1. Wait to receive your NIF via email.


You can get a 10% discount if you order your Portuguese NIF or Birth certificate from AnchorLess through us. 

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Get your NIF

Portuguese Birth Certificate

You can also get your Portuguese birth certificate through AnchorLess from anywhere in the world. For only €90 if you come through our site, a 10% discount will directly apply.

Rather than go through the stress of interacting with administrations to get your Portuguese birth certificate, AnchorLess provides a convenient way to get it within 1 week.

Get a Portuguese birth certificate in 3 simple steps

  1. Fill out an online form. The following details will be required in the form:
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parent’s name
  1. Complete the required payment. It costs €100.
  1. Receive your Portuguese Birth Certificate as a PDF via email.

Get your Portuguese birth certificate

Pros of using AnchorLess

Quick and efficient

You can obtain the NIF and birth certificate within a week of request. They also respond to your message within 24hrs.

Worldwide Support

AnchorLess provides services to users from anywhere in the world.



You must pay processing fees of about €90 - €135 if you decide to get your documents through AnchorLess.

Customer Support

AnchorLess offers support to its users using channels for communication and written resources that serve as guides.

  • You can email them or fill out a contact form on their website. Their usual response time is within 24hrs.
  • AnchorLess provides resources that guide you on moving into Portugal, getting a NIF, birth certificate, and other travel-related tips. 

Customer Rating

“I was really impressed with how quickly and efficiently the staff proceeded my application. It was so fast! I would definitely recommend their service and would use them again.” – Beth Ann Hooper from the US.


Is AnchorLess a Trustworthy Service?

Several users are satisfied with AnchorLess' services. By using AnchorLess, you will receive assistance from many people who’ve gone through the same situation you’re in. Deal with people who know what you’re doing.

How Does Fiscal Representation Work?

AnchorLess links you to a Portuguese fiscal representative, who will forward any messages you could get from the tax office (at a rate of 150 euros a year) until you choose a new representative yourself.

How Long Does AnchorLess Take to Process a NIF?

AnchorLess claims that NIFs can be processed within 7 days. This depends not just on AnchorLess but also on the authorities in Portugal. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get a NIF with AnchorLess?

You can get a NIF with the AnchorLess service for €150. They will aim to process it within a week, and you can order it from anywhere worldwide.

What if my NIF request is for a minor/child?

It is possible to ask for a NIF for a minor, but you will need some more documents to complete your application. You will need the following :

  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of passport of the first parent
  • Copy of passport of the second parent
  • If there’s only one parent, you will need to provide proof of a single custodial parent instead of the second passport (proof of custody, death certificate…)

Why do I need a Portuguese birth certificate?

You can need it for many procedures, but for example, you need one to request a NIF if you were born in Portugal or have Portuguese nationality. Without it, you can’t request a NIF if you are Portuguese.

Do I need a Portuguese birth certificate to get a NIF?

You don’t need a Portuguese birth certificate to get a NIF if you’re not of Portuguese nationality or were not born in Portugal.


AnchorLess provides services that can save you the time and stress of getting a NIF and birth certificate yourself. The services are personalized because they understand and have experienced what you are about to go through.

If you decide to go through with AnchorLess for your documents, remember you can get a 10% discount on the processing fees.

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