Top Countries for Expats: Global Destinations Ranked in 2024

Skim through our rankings to find out which countries stand out for expatriates like you, and prepare for a smooth transition to your new overseas home.
May 28, 2024
Top Countries for Expats: Global Destinations Ranked in 2024
Ana Fankhauser
May 28, 2024

Embarking on an expat adventure requires choosing a destination that aligns with your needs. Our list of the top countries for expats in 2024 simplifies this choice by highlighting destinations famed for their quality of life, economic prospects, and societal benefits. Skim through our rankings to find out which countries stand out for expatriates like you, and prepare for a smooth transition to your new overseas home.

Snapshot Overview: Best Countries for Expats

From the allure of European countries to the warmth of Central America, the expat life is as diverse as the landscapes and cultures that define our planet. Many expats have found their haven in countries that boast large expat communities, ensuring a smooth transition into their new life abroad. With Mexico leading the pack in the Expat Insider survey, let’s delve into the global destinations that are ranked high for their:

  • Quality of Life: Portugal
  • Work-Life Balance: Spain
  • Safety and Healthcare: Taiwan
  • Economic Opportunities: Singapore
  • Natural Beauty and Climate: Costa Rica
  • Affordability: Mexico
  • Families: Canada
  • Retirement: Panama
  • Cultural Experience: Italy
  • English Speakers: Ireland

Best for Quality of Life: Portugal

Best for Quality of Life: Portugal

Portugal, a nation celebrated for its warm hospitality and historic charm, offers a quality of life that many expats describe as unmatched. The country scores high on:

  • friendliness
  • cultural access
  • the comforts of modern living
  • maintaining a touch of historic grandeur

The pros of living in this country include:

  • Friendly and polite culture with rich culinary traditions
  • High standard of living with modern and historic settings
  • Favorable property market and legal conditions for expatriates
  • Scenic landscapes and climates, from city life to coastal retreats
  • supportive expat community for easier integration


  • Challenges with bureaucracy for foreign residents
  • Recent backlash against foreigners impacting housing costs

Living in Portugal has been an enriching experience, with days spent basking in the sunlit Algarve and enjoying the cultural festivals that pepper the calendar. The ease of obtaining a digital nomad visa and the support from local expat communities have made the transition smoother than I anticipated. However, the flip side includes navigating the complex bureaucracy and adjusting to the rising costs due to increased foreign interest.

Rating: Quality of Life: 9/10, Cultural Integration: 8/10, Ease of Settling In: 7/10

Best for Work-Life Balance: Spain

Spain epitomizes the essence of work-life balance, where siestas and late dinners are woven into the fabric of daily life. This Western European country offers a relaxed work environment and an emphasis on personal time, ensuring that remote workers and locals alike can enjoy life’s pleasures beyond the office.


  • Relaxed work culture with flexible scheduling
  • Generous vacation policies
  • Commitment to work-life balance initiatives such as a 4-day workweek


  • High unemployment rates
  • Adapting to local work culture can be challenging

My time in Spain has allowed me to embrace a lifestyle where work complements life, not the other way around. Starting work at 10 a.m., enjoying long lunches, and finishing the day with time for leisure is refreshing. Adapting to this pace was initially a hurdle, but the clear skies and the allure of the Mediterranean have made every moment worthwhile.

Rating: Work-Life Balance: 9/10, Career Opportunities: 7/10, Adaptation for Expats: 8/10

Best for Safety and Healthcare: Taiwan

Taiwan stands out in Southeast Asia as a beacon of safety and healthcare quality. Expats in Taiwan enjoy a sense of security and a healthcare system that is both high-quality and affordable—a rare combination that contributes to the high quality of life many foreigners experience here.


  • Highly regarded healthcare system
  • Strong sense of personal safety
  • Robust infrastructure and transportation


  • Cultural adjustment challenges

The island’s natural beauty, from the serene Sun Moon Lake to the majestic Taroko Gorge, has provided a picturesque backdrop to my life here. The modern infrastructure makes city living convenient, and the healthcare system is something that gives me peace of mind. Adjusting to the local culture took some time, but the welcoming nature of the Taiwanese people has made it easier.

Rating: Safety: 9.5/10, Healthcare Quality: 9/10, Cultural Adjustment: 7/10

Best for Economic Opportunities: Singapore

Singapore, a powerhouse in Southeast Asia, offers expats:

  • Economic stability
  • A plethora of job opportunities
  • Vibrant economy
  • Tax incentives

The city-state is an attractive destination for highly skilled workers, though the high cost of living is a significant consideration.


  • Generous financial packages and career opportunities
  • Excellent education and healthcare systems
  • World-class transportation and diverse cultures


  • High cost of living
  • Humid tropical climate

Moving to Singapore has supercharged my career, with its dynamic job market and numerous social benefits. Negotiating for housing and schooling allowances was crucial due to the steep living expenses. The heat and humidity took some time to get used to, but the city’s energy and opportunities have made every drop of sweat worth it.

Rating: Economic Opportunities: 9/10, Quality of Education and Healthcare: 9/10, Cost of Living: 6/10

Best for Natural Beauty and Climate: Costa Rica

Best for Natural Beauty and Climate: Costa Rica

Nestled between the waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific, Costa Rica is a jewel of Central America, located just north of South America. It’s a haven for those seeking:

  • pure life (‘Pura Vida’)
  • lush rainforests
  • beautiful beaches
  • a commitment to environmental conservation.


  • Diverse climates range from cool mountains to warm coasts
  • Strong focus on environmental conservation
  • Affordable healthcare and friendly society


  • Infrastructure issues
  • Slower pace of services

Living in Costa Rica has allowed me to:

  • Reconnect with nature
  • Adopt a lifestyle that prioritizes well-being and leisure
  • Enjoy affordable healthcare
  • Experience the warmth of the local community

While there are challenges with infrastructure and a laid-back approach to services, these aspects are part of the charm and offer a refreshing change from the hustle of big cities.

Rating: Natural Beauty: 9.5/10, Climate Comfort: 8/10 (global average), Infrastructure: 6/10

Best for Affordability: Mexico

Best for Affordability: Mexico

Mexico wins hearts with its affordable cost of living and vibrant cultural tapestry. Expats can enjoy a comfortable life in Mexico City or the coastal serenity of Playa del Carmen, all while managing their finances with relative ease.


  • Low housing and utility costs
  • Cost-effective public transportation
  • Diverse living experiences and expat communities


  • Personal safety concerns
  • Presence of corruption

The financial freedom I’ve found in Mexico has been liberating. The benefits of living in Mexico include:

  • Large expat communities that provide a sense of belonging and support
  • Lower cost of living compared to many other countries
  • Beautiful beaches and landscapes
  • Rich cultural heritage and history

However, navigating concerns over safety and corruption is an aspect that requires vigilance and local knowledge.

Rating: Affordability: 9/10, Expat Community Support: 8.5/10, Personal Safety: 6/10

Best for Families: Canada

Canada, with its sprawling wilderness and inclusive society, is a sanctuary for families. The country’s education system and healthcare quality are major factors in its high country scores, offering a stable and nurturing environment for those relocating with children.

Pros of living in this city include:

  • High-quality education and healthcare, which are essential elements for a thriving society and contribute to individual well-being and overall prosperity. Both are vital for ensuring a healthy and educated population, capable of driving progress and growth.
  • Abundance of outdoor activities
  • Political stability


  • Harsh winters
  • Higher taxes compared to other countries

As a family, we’ve found Canada to be a place that offers both safety and adventure. The reasons we love living in Canada include:

  • Exceptional educational opportunities for our children
  • A myriad of outdoor activities that keep us all active and connected to nature
  • Embracing and managing the cold winters and higher taxes that are a part of Canadian reality

Rating: Family-Friendliness: 9/10, Education System: 9/10 (including international schools), Cost of Living: 7/10

Best for Retirement: Panama

Panama’s Pensionado program has positioned it as a top destination for official retirees. The tropical climate and the economic benefits of using the US dollar make it an enticing place for those looking to enjoy their golden years.


  • Permanent residency with minimal passive income through a bank account
  • Discounts on various services and tax exemptions
  • US dollar-based economy


  • High humidity
  • Complex bureaucracy

Retirement in Panama has been a dream, with its numerous benefits and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The Pensionado program has provided me with financial advantages that significantly enhance my quality of life. However, the humidity can be overwhelming at times, and dealing with the local bureaucracy requires patience and often, professional assistance.

Rating: Retirement Benefits: 9.5/10, Climate: 7/10, Ease of Bureaucracy: 5/10

Best for Cultural Experience: Italy

Best for Cultural Experience: Italy

Italy offers an unparalleled cultural experience that captivates expats with its history, art, and culinary delights. The country’s family-friendly atmosphere and the zest for life make it an attractive destination for those seeking an immersive cultural journey.


  • Rich historical and artistic heritage
  • Culinary diversity and vibrant nightlife


  • None listed

Living in Italy has been a feast for the senses. The highlights include:

  • historical cities like Rome and Florence, which provide a daily backdrop of living art
  • The culinary traditions, which offer a constant exploration of flavors
  • The Italian lifestyle, with its focus on family and celebration, has been a joy to embrace.

Rating: Cultural Experience: 9.5/10, Family-Friendliness: 9/10, Nightlife: 8.5/10

Best for English Speakers: Ireland

Ireland stands as a beacon for English-speaking expats within the European Union. The absence of a language barrier, combined with a strong job market, particularly in tech, makes it a highly ranked European country for expats.


  • English widely spoken
  • Strong job market, especially in tech
  • Family-friendly and rich cultural traditions


  • None listed

The transition to Ireland has been seamless, with English as the official language and an abundance of opportunities in Dublin’s burgeoning tech scene. The Irish culture, known for its friendliness and traditional charm, has made it easy to feel at home.

Rating: Language Ease: 10/10, Job Market: 9/10, Cultural Integration: 9/10

Navigating Your Expat Journey: How to Choose Your Ideal Country

Choosing the ideal country for your expat life is a decision that should balance personal preferences with pragmatic considerations. Factors to consider include:

  • The cost of living
  • Employment opportunities
  • Local culture
  • Legal requirements for residency

Considering these factors will help ensure a successful move.

To find my place in the world, I considered several factors related to personal finance:

  • Living expenses compared to potential income
  • The health of the local job market and other expats’ financial satisfaction
  • Understanding the local culture and aligning my values with my new home
  • Considering legal documentation, such as digital nomad visas
  • Reflecting on lifestyle preferences like language, climate, and proximity to home

By considering these factors, I was able to get a clear picture of where I would thrive.

Understanding the Expat Lifestyle: What to Expect Abroad

The expat lifestyle is a journey of adjustment, with stages ranging from preparation to repatriation. Knowing what to expect can ease the transition and lead to a more fulfilling expat experience.

I prepared by immersing myself in the local culture, which helped mitigate the impact of culture shock. The different phases I experienced during my transition were:

  1. The honeymoon phase: a time of excitement and discovery.
  2. The culture shock phase: feelings of isolation and unfamiliarity.
  3. Establishing routines and creating a support network were vital in adapting to my new environment.
  4. Eventually, I became comfortable and productive, fully acclimating to my surroundings.

When considering repatriation, I realized the challenges it posed, especially for children and long-term expats who have been away for up to a year or even up to four years, but knowing the cycle helped navigate these changes.

Securing Your Future: International Health Insurance and Safety Nets

International health insurance is a cornerstone of expat life, providing peace of mind and access to quality healthcare. As an expat, choosing the right insurance plan is critical for protecting against unexpected medical costs and discriminatory practices.

My experience with international health insurance has been reassuring, with coverage for a wide range of medical services that has been indispensable. Investigating my coverage options and understanding the local healthcare system allowed me to find a plan that met my needs. Knowing the specific health insurance requirements for expatriates in my chosen country made the process smoother and ensured I was adequately protected.


In summary, the expat journey is a kaleidoscope of experiences, with each country offering its own unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Whether it’s the quality of life in Portugal, the work-life balance in Spain, or the cultural richness of Italy, there is a perfect destination for every expat. By understanding the nuances of each country and what to expect from the expat lifestyle, you can navigate this exciting chapter of life with confidence and enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a country as an expat?

When choosing a country as an expat, it's important to consider factors such as cost of living, employment opportunities, local culture, legal documentation requirements for residency, and personal lifestyle preferences. These elements can greatly impact your experience living abroad.

How can I cope with culture shock while living abroad?

To cope with culture shock while living abroad, it's important to set personal goals, establish routines, create a support network, and actively engage with the local community. This will help you adapt and feel more connected to your new environment.

What benefits does Panama's Pensionado program offer to retirees?

The Pensionado program in Panama offers retirees permanent residency, discounts on various expenses, tax exemptions, and the opportunity to import a new car every two years, making it an attractive option for retirees.

Is international health insurance necessary for expats?

Yes, international health insurance is necessary for expats to ensure access to quality healthcare, protection against discriminatory practices, and financial security against high medical costs.

Can I work in Ireland as an English-speaking expat?

Yes, you can work in Ireland as an English-speaking expat, as English is widely spoken there and there are numerous job opportunities available, particularly in the tech industry.

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