Sable International Review: Pros, Cons and Compares

Can Sable International be your trusted partner for your financial and immigration complexities?
April 19, 2024
Sable International Review: Pros, Cons and Compares
Ana Fankhauser
April 19, 2024

Can Sable International be your trusted partner for your financial and immigration complexities? In our comprehensive Sable International review, we analyze the services, client feedback, and performance to give you a clear picture of what Sable International has to offer. Get the insights that matter to your decision-making process, without any fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • Sable International offers comprehensive services, including immigration advice, investment programs for residency and citizenship, banking solutions, and wealth management, with a focus on individualized client care and a wide array of options tailored to personal and business needs.
  • Customer feedback for Sable International is generally positive, with high praise for customer service and strong emphasis on transparency regarding fees and costs, although there are mixed reviews concerning the banking platform and transaction processes.
  • The company emphasizes the security and privacy of client data with stringent protection measures, including SSL encryption for transactions, a detailed privacy policy, and secure management of both financial and personal data.

Sable International: A Comprehensive Overview

Sable International's Global Services

Sable International, originally dubbed 1st Contact by founder Reg Bamford, has grown to become a beacon of quality service in the realm of financial and immigration services. The company’s evolution saw the establishment of Sable Private Wealth, expanding its services and reach beyond its initial scope. In 2016, the company rebranded to reflect their commitment to serving a global audience, offering specialized services to both businesses and individuals.

Over two decades, Sable International has made its mark in the field of immigration and nationality advice, earning recognition for its individualized approach to each case. Its range of services extends from immigration solutions to banking and wealth management, including sable account options, offering a complete guide to clients around the globe.

Immigration Services

Sable International offers a diverse selection of immigration programs, catering to a broad spectrum of client needs. Citizenship-by-investment opportunities are available in Grenada and Malta, along with residency-by-investment via the Portugal and Greek Golden Visa programs. Each of these programs offers its own unique set of benefits, ranging from global mobility and access to quality healthcare and education, to the opportunity to extend these benefits to future generations.

The firm’s immigration services extend beyond the individual applicant. Family members—spouses, children, and other dependents—can be included under certain programs, thereby increasing the appeal of these investment options. In addition to these personal benefits, Sable International’s immigration solutions also have an economic impact. For instance, qualifying for the Golden Visa program often involves creating employment in Portugal, demonstrating the firm’s emphasis on impactful solutions.

Banking Solutions

Banking solutions are an integral part of Sable International’s service basket, catering to both domestic and international clients. However, it’s important to note that customer experiences with Sable’s banking platform have been mixed. Some users have reported:

  • Limitations on transaction limits
  • Difficulties with credit card and debit card management
  • Challenges faced in building or rebuilding credit due to the company’s payment system requirements

Despite these criticisms, there are clients who’ve had positive experiences with Sable’s banking solutions. Some customers have lauded the efficiency of international and domestic wire transfers and the responsive customer service provided by the company. It’s crucial to remember that while there may be room for improvement, Sable International continues to serve a significant number of satisfied clients.

Wealth Management

In the realm of wealth management, Sable International has carved a niche for itself, offering global services that include financial planning for US expats and immigrants, retirement advice, and mortgage advice for both UK residents and non-resident investors. The company’s financial advisors guide investments in the UK, South Africa, and offshore markets, catering to a diverse clientele.

Sable International provides insurance advisory services, offering coverage options like:

  • life insurance
  • disability insurance
  • medical insurance
  • income protection insurance
  • international life cover

Their comprehensive Explore Report presents an overview of options for securing a family’s future, including relocation, offshore investing, and managing money.

To top it off, Sable International offers the following services:

  • Assistance with auto-enrolment, providing full set-up, implementation, and ongoing compliance oversight
  • Specialist skills tailored to client’s interests and needs
  • Operating independently and offering ‘whole of market’ advice
  • Regulated by financial authorities in the UK, EU, and South Africa

Clients can rest assured of the credibility of the services they offer.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer testimonials and reviews provide a glimpse into the experiences of individuals who’ve engaged with Sable International’s services. The company maintains a high customer satisfaction rating, with a Trustpilot score of 3.9 out of 5, highlighting the generally favorable sentiment among its clientele, particularly regarding their visa services. However, it’s important to note that experiences vary, and while the majority of feedback is positive, there have been instances of dissatisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service forms the backbone of Sable International’s operations. Clients have consistently rated the company’s customer service as top-notch, attributing this to instant communication, thorough assistance, and a reliable presence. Whether it’s through telephone, email, or live chat, customers have reported swift and effective resolution of queries, often within an hour.

The company’s commitment to exceptional customer service is driven from the top. CEO Reg Bamford places high importance on client feedback and directly interacts with clients via email to gather their experiences. This direct involvement of the CEO in client relations underscores the company’s commitment to delivering a high-quality service experience.

Transparent Fees and No Hidden Costs

Transparency is a key trait that Sable International prides itself on, particularly when it comes to fees and charges. The company ensures upfront communication of fees to maintain transparency with clients, protecting them from unexpected costs. This transparency extends to their visa applications as well.

Most visa applications at Sable International are backed by a ‘no visa, no fee’ guarantee, further instilling confidence in clients.

Global Reach: Sable International's Offices

Sable International's Offices

With offices located in major cities across the world, Sable International has established a strategic global presence, offering a variety of services, including:

  • Accounting
  • Citizenship
  • Forex
  • Immigration
  • Study abroad
  • Wealth management

They have offices to cater to their regional clients.

South Africa

In the heart of South Africa, Sable International operates from two locations: Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Cape Town office, located at Ground Floor, Block B1, Regent Square, Doncaster Road, Kenilworth, operates from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. Offering a range of services, it caters to the needs of local clients and those in the surrounding regions.

Similarly, the Johannesburg office, situated at Parc Nicol, 4, 3001 Winnie Mandela Drive, Bryanston, operates at the same hours as the Cape Town office. Together, these offices provide a robust presence in South Africa, catering to the diverse needs of clients in the region.

United Kingdom

Sable International’s presence extends to the United Kingdom, with an office located on the 5th Floor of 18 St. Swithin’s Lane, London. Operational from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:30, and closing at 17:00 on Friday, the London office provides guidance on various UK visa options tailored to suit different purposes and durations.

Whether it’s visitor visas, skilled worker visas, family visas, or business visas, Sable International’s London office has the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored services to clients, helping them navigate the often complex immigration laws of the UK.


Down under, Sable International’s Melbourne office offers a range of services to clients in Australia. Here are the details:

  • Location: Suite 8.06, 9 Yarra Street, South Yarra, Victoria
  • Operating hours: 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday
  • Services: Tailored to the specific requirements of the region

From immigration services to wealth management, the Melbourne office ensures that clients in Australia have access to the full suite of services offered by Sable International, enabling them to navigate their financial and immigration needs with the support of a trusted partner.

The Complete Guide to Sable International's Visa Services

Sable International's Visa Services

Sable International provides a comprehensive guide to acquiring residency and citizenship through various investment programs. Their offerings provide opportunities for asset diversification, global mobility, and potential pathways to citizenship. One of the many pathways available, centered on investment funds, is the Portugal Golden Visa program, which Sable International facilitates.

Along with the Portugal Golden Visa program, Sable International offers comprehensive assistance in acquiring residency and citizenship in Portugal through investment. Their services extend beyond the initial investment, including services such as bank account setup and tax advice.

Investment Funds and Citizenship

Sable International's Portugal Golden Visa program provides a residency-by-investment option with the possibility of permanent residency and citizenship after five years. This program provides investors with the option to invest in non-real estate collective investment funds that adhere to specific criteria, such as the fund’s maturity and the requirement to invest in Portuguese companies.

Sable International’s dedicated team in Portugal, coupled with a network of local partners, has a proven track record, especially in assisting a significant number of South Africans. The program also extends benefits to family members, allowing the inclusion of spouses, children, and parents on the applicant’s residency card, which also enables visa-free access throughout the Schengen area.

Family and Business Visas

Beyond investment programs, Sable International offers a range of family visa services, including:

  • Visa applications for spouses
  • Visa applications for partners
  • Visa applications for fiancés
  • Visa applications for dependents
  • Visa applications for children

They provide support in understanding and navigating the complexities of family immigration law, which can involve intricate processes and detailed documentation.

In addition to family visas, Sable International also assists clients with business visa applications. They cater to entrepreneurs and investors looking to start or grow their business in a new country, helping clients understand specific business visa requirements and providing support throughout the application process.

Security and Privacy: Protecting Your Information

In an age where data breaches and information theft are rampant, Sable International places a high premium on the security and confidentiality of client data. To protect client information, the company employs secure servers and SSL encryption, guarding against unauthorized or illegal use and preventing accidental loss or destruction.

Secure Payments and Transactions

Trust is paramount when it comes to financial transactions, and Sable International goes to great lengths to ensure that clients’ financial transactions, including the ability to send money, cash payments, are safeguarded. The company employs SSL technology to protect all financial transactions, ensuring that client payment information is encrypted when submitted through their website forms.

Personal Data Protection

Beyond financial data, Sable International also takes the protection of personal data very seriously. The company has a comprehensive privacy policy that details how client personal data is collected, used, and stored, providing information on data sharing, retention, and deletion. Furthermore, clients of Sable International are entitled to rights over their personal information, including access, correction, deletion, data portability, and the right to object to specific processing activities.

To safeguard client data, Sable International implements technical and organizational measures, such as secure servers, identity verification for information access, and data transfer encryption using SSL software. The company minimizes the sharing of personal data and limits information stored in their CRM system to what is strictly necessary for providing services. While Sable International uses encryption, they recognize that internet transactions inherently carry security risks; they advise clients to protect their passwords and access codes.


In this journey, we’ve explored the myriad services offered by Sable International, from immigration and wealth management to banking solutions. We’ve seen the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service, transparent fees, and robust security measures. With offices strategically located across the globe, Sable International’s reach extends to clients in various countries, offering tailored services that cater to the unique needs of each region.

Choosing the right partner for your financial and immigration needs is critical. As we’ve seen, Sable International offers a comprehensive suite of services, backed by years of experience and a commitment to quality and transparency. Whether you’re an individual seeking immigration advice or a business looking for financial guidance, Sable International stands ready to guide you through the process, providing you with the tools and support you need to navigate the global landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Sable International provide?

Sable International provides immigration services, banking solutions, wealth management, family and business visa services, and assistance in acquiring residency and citizenship through investment programs.

Where are Sable International's offices located?

Sable International has offices in major cities across the world, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, and Melbourne. These locations provide convenient access for clients globally.

How does Sable International ensure the security of client information?

Sable International ensures the security of client information through the use of secure servers, SSL encryption, and a comprehensive privacy policy. This safeguards the collection, use, and storage of client personal data.

What is the Portugal Golden Visa program?

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a residency-by-investment solution that provides pathways to permanent residency and citizenship in Portugal, managed by Sable International.

How does Sable International handle customer service?

Sable International prioritizes exceptional customer service by providing swift and effective resolution of queries through convenient channels like telephone, email, and live chat. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in their approach to handling customer service.

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