Global Citizen Solutions Review: Your Guide in 2024

Thinking of partnering with Global Citizen Solutions for your pathway to citizenship? This comprehensive Global Citizen Solutions review scrutinizes their service effectiveness.
April 19, 2024
Global Citizen Solutions Review: Your Guide in 2024
Ana Fankhauser
April 19, 2024

Thinking of partnering with Global Citizen Solutions for your pathway to citizenship? This comprehensive Global Citizen Solutions review scrutinizes their service effectiveness, providing a no-nonsense look at real client experiences and juxtaposing their performance with rival firms. We deliver a measured view, stripping away the gloss to focus on the substance of Global Citizen Solutions’ offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Global Citizen Solutions markets itself as a provider of tailored investment migration solutions, boasting a client-centric approach with a proprietary market database and a high level of client service appreciation.
  • The company’s onboarding process and customer service are highly supportive, offering personalized consultations and a seamless digital interface to aid clients in navigating global citizenship pathways.
  • Despite a positive service outline and a strong commitment to long-term customer relationships, Global Citizen Solutions has received mixed feedback on service delivery, pointing to areas requiring improvement such as responsiveness and sales approach.

Initial Impressions and Promised Horizons

Global Citizen Solutions

Upon first glance, Global Citizen Solutions presents itself as a beacon of hope for those interested in investment migration. With claims of providing tailored solutions in ten countries, the company casts a wide net to attract a diverse audience. Their proprietary database of market information and years of expertise further add to their allure. But, as we all know, promises are easy to make but harder to keep. So, can Global Citizen Solutions live up to these high expectations and help investors successfully uproot to a new country? We will put that to the test.

Initial customer reviews set a positive tone for the company, lauding the excellent information and high-quality service they provide. Furthermore, the company prides itself on creating bespoke residence and citizenship solutions, designed to match each client’s unique needs. Clients frequently value the client-centric approach that this personalization suggests.

However, seasoned investors understand that initial impressions don’t tell the whole story. Therefore, a deeper evaluation of the company’s actual performance is necessary to determine if it’s an ideal investment. Does Global Citizen Solutions deliver on the promises it makes? We shall now explore this.

The Onboarding Experience

The journey to global citizenship isn’t always smooth, but a supportive onboarding process can make all the difference. Global Citizen Solutions has been commended for its supportive and informative customer service, guiding clients through various investment options to meet personal goals. The key features of Global Citizen Solutions’ onboarding process include:

  • Supportive and informative customer service
  • Guidance through various investment options
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Consistent service across different time zones

These features have further boosted client appreciation.

Beyond basic customer service, the company offers a personalized consultation experience. This includes direct answers from a Portuguese immigration lawyer specializing in the D7 Visa, strategic planning, and documentation guidance. Prior to consultations, clients are prepared with questions to optimize time spent during sessions, promising a clear and actionable roadmap for their visa application process. Such attention to detail during the onboarding process can significantly enhance a client’s journey, making the first steps towards global citizenship much more straightforward.

While the onboarding process appears promising, we must scrutinize how the company maintains this level of service throughout the client’s journey. Consequently, we will delve into the service structure and client interface.

Service Structure and Client Interface

Global Citizen Solutions leverages an online presence to showcase its services and specializations, providing a seamless platform for its clients. The company’s service structure and client interface appear well-organized and user-friendly.

We will examine more closely the aesthetic appeal, service commitment, and the path to residency offered by the company.

Aesthetic and Professional Appeal

An intuitive and professional website is the face of a company, and Global Citizen Solutions, a multidisciplinary firm, seems to understand this well. Their website is structured into clear sections for various services, such as wealth management, relocation, legal and tax affairs, and fund managers, making it easy for clients to navigate and find the information they need.

The company’s visual design and branding materials further enhance its professional image. The focus on providing easy access to information through the design elements not only ensures convenience for the clients but also reinforces the company’s commitment to transparency and professionalism.

Nevertheless, an attractive website alone doesn’t vouch for quality service. Therefore, we need to assess the durability of Global Citizen Solutions’ service commitment.

Durability of Service Commitment

Given their professionalism and sense of security, Global Citizen Solutions demonstrates a strong commitment to long-term relationships with its clients. The company assists clients in managing their residency applications over time, providing online access to health records and important documents, a service that clients have positively received.

Nevertheless, there’s a notable absence of accessible information indicating the extent of the company’s long-term service commitment. Increased transparency concerning their commitments to clients post visa and residency acquisition could be a potential area for improvement.

Though the company’s commitment to service is laudable, the actual services are what truly matter. Thus, we will examine the path to residency offered by Global Citizen Solutions through their citizenship programs.

Navigating the Path to Residency

Navigating the path to residency can be a daunting task, but Global Citizen Solutions seems to have streamlined this process for its clients. The company provides a full range of services for the Portugal D7 Visa, including:

  • Planning
  • Document preparation
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Support during the application process

In addition to these services, clients receive detailed guidance on the requirements needed for the D7 Visa application, including proof of regular passive income, suitable accommodation options, and a clean criminal record. These insights can significantly simplify the application process, saving clients from potential hurdles and confusion.

Furthermore, clients have access to additional assistance for obtaining a fiscal number, engaging fiscal representation, and opening local bank accounts in Portugal. These services make the residency application process smoother and more efficient. With such comprehensive assistance, Global Citizen Solutions seems to be a reliable partner for those embarking on the journey to global citizenship. But how does this translate into real-world outcomes?

Real-World Application and Outcomes

The crux of any service lies in its real-world application and outcomes. In this regard, clients of Global Citizen Solutions engage in personal and leadership development, overcoming challenges and gaining valuable real-world experience.

To delve deeper into these experiences, let’s examine whether the company meets expectations and how it handles obstacles through due diligence.

Meeting Expectations

Feedback on the company’s ability to meet expectations is mixed. Some clients commend the organized approach of the company and the detailed information provided, which saved them significant time on independent research. However, others have expressed concerns regarding the timeliness of receiving updates, suggesting room for improvement in service commitment.

Yet, the company’s visa acquisition process and navigation of investment options are generally conducted smoothly, as per testimonials. Furthermore, the company’s 100% visa application approval rate highlights their dedication to full transparency and confidentiality.

However, imperfections are inevitable, and Global Citizen Solutions is not exempt from this. We need to highlight the challenges faced and how the company has attempted to overcome these obstacles.

Overcoming Obstacles

While Global Citizen Solutions has shown a commitment to addressing client concerns and enhancing service quality, some obstacles have emerged. Some clients reported missing meetings and not following up after making the initial payment, which suggests that there is room for improvement in client support and responsiveness.

Non-emergency support from Global Citizen Solutions may occasionally experience delays, which could impact the overall client experience. Other challenges, such as finding timely replacements for unsatisfactory homestays, also point to specific areas where service delivery could be bolstered.

Additionally, some clients have felt that the company was too aggressive in promoting the use of their in-house lawyers, indicating a need for a more client-centric sales approach. Despite these challenges, the company’s commitment to addressing concerns and improving service quality is a positive sign.

Concluding Thoughts and Market Comparison

As we conclude our review, it’s beneficial to contextualize Global Citizen Solutions alongside its market competitors. The company offers competitive pricing, being nearly 70% cheaper than market competitors such as Henley & Partners. However, Henley & Partners, with their long-standing market presence and robust reputation, offer a more premium service.

Another competitor, Get Golden Visa, is appreciated for its personalized and non-aggressive service approach. Considering Global Citizen Solutions’ competitive pricing and client satisfaction with service approaches similar to Get Golden Visa, it seems to deliver substantial value for money in its segment, including the golden visa program.


In summary, Global Citizen Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services for individuals seeking global citizenship. From the initial impressions to the onboarding experience, service structure, and real-world outcomes, the company delivers a client-centric approach that is commendable. However, like any company, it has its strengths and areas for improvement.

In conclusion, while there are areas where the company could enhance its service, its dedication to addressing client concerns, competitive pricing, and comprehensive services make it a reliable partner for those embarking on the journey to global citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Global Citizen Solutions offer?

Global Citizen Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services for the Portugal D7 Visa, including planning, document preparation, accommodation assistance, and support during the application process.

How does Global Citizen Solutions compare to its competitors in terms of cost?

Global Citizen Solutions provides competitive pricing, being nearly 70% cheaper than market competitors such as Henley & Partners. This makes it a cost-effective choice for those seeking citizenship solutions.

What are some challenges clients have faced with Global Citizen Solutions?

Some clients have faced challenges with Global Citizen Solutions including a lack of follow-up and missed meetings after initial payments, along with occasional delays in non-emergency support. These challenges can impact the client experience and should be addressed promptly.

How does Global Citizen Solutions handle client concerns?

Global Citizen Solutions handles client concerns by addressing them directly and working to enhance service quality, as demonstrated through their responses to negative reviews.

What is the company's visa application approval rate?

The company's visa application approval rate is 100%, demonstrating their commitment to transparency and confidentiality.

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