Golden Visa Calculator
Welcome to the Golden Visa Calculator, your essential tool for navigating the complexities of obtaining a Golden Visa. This calculator simplifies the process by providing an accurate assessment of your eligibility and investment requirements based on current regulations and criteria. Whether you're considering relocating for better opportunities, planning an investment, or seeking residency benefits, the Golden Visa Calculator offers a user-friendly and reliable way to understand your options and make informed decisions. Utilize this tool to explore the best pathways to securing your Golden Visa in Portugal, Spain, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus with ease and confidence.


What is a Golden Visa?
A Golden Visa is a residence permit obtained through significant investment, offering a path to citizenship. It's designed for wealthy individuals looking to gain residency in a country through investment in real estate, business, or government bonds.
How accurate is this calculator?
This calculator provides estimates based on current information. Golden Visa programs can change, and there may be additional costs or requirements. Use this as a starting point and consult with a legal professional for personalized information.
What types of investments are typically accepted?
Common investment types include real estate purchases, business investments, government bonds, and bank deposits. Options and minimum amounts vary by country. Our calculator includes the most common options for each country.
Can I include my family in my application?
Most Golden Visa programs allow you to include your spouse and dependent children. Some countries also permit including dependent parents or grandparents. Our calculator considers family composition when estimating costs.
How long does it take to get citizenship?
The path to citizenship varies by country, ranging from 1 year to 10 years or more. The comparison table in our calculator provides an overview of citizenship timelines for different countries.
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