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Get a NIF for 135€

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal or Número de Contribuinte) is a tax identification number that you will need to deal with any sort of transaction in the country, such as getting a phone subscription, buying property, renting property long-term, signing up for utilities and the list goes on. Get a NIF number for as little as 135€

Apply for NIF

Find a place to rent or buy

Sites like Idealista are great to search for properties but we found it to be helpful to have an agent on the ground looking on your behalf. Whilst Idealista lists a lot of properties, there are a lot that aren't listed and this is when having someone you can trust doing the work on the ground for you is always very useful.

Get in touch with agent

Connect electricity & gas

We didn't know where to begin when it came to connecting our electricity and gas. Also, let's be honest, it's mostly an afterthought. Well, we can get this up-and-running in no time for you with the most reputable company in Portugal. This will help with visas and other applications as well.

Connect energy

Get a bank account

Local Portuguese bank accounts are critical when moving to Portugal. You'll need it for all sorts of identification and unfortunately digital Neo banks won't cut it for those needs. We did a lot of research to determine the best bank accounts to make your life easier.

Get a free bank account

Get a visa


This is the one you may underestimate the most. It's hard in good times and in times of covid, it has felt near impossible at times. Luckily for you, we have the right help at hand to guide you through the most appropriate visas, help you get the right documentation together, make the appointments and even attend to translate on your behalf if required.

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SNS number and private health insurance

The public health insurance is very good but can also be very slow. We will get you a public health number SNS. Also, we have great deal with some private insurances which will cover everything including dentist for a monthly rate.

Apply for health insurance

Frequently asked questions

Can I get all of these things whilst outside of Portugal?

Yes. That’s actually why we set this business up. Our aim is to make it as simple, stress-free and cost-effective as possible for people who want to take care of all their moving needs from the comfort of their sofa in whichever country they’re currently in. Imagine landing in Portugal and knowing you have all of this ready and waiting for you. That’s what we’re here to do. We just wish we had this service available when we moved.

Who is behind moving to?

Ana Fankhauser and her husband set up moving to™️ . They were both living in London, decided they wanted to move to Lisbon with their new-born child and found the whole process slow, expensive and stressful. They wanted to create a better way for more people to enjoy this amazing country.  so they decided to create moving to™ to remove the stress, expense and mistakes that most people make when moving here.

Can I trust moving to?

Going through the moving process very recently ourselves, we did the research, vetted who we think are the best and would like to pass on our experience and knowledge to you. Whilst we use third parties for all our services, we can assure you they’re the best options we found regarding service, price and quality. We highly recommend viewing a rating us on Trustpilot. We’re in this for the long-term and want to build something great that our customers love.

Is it cheaper to do it myself?

It depends. In some cases it is and in other cases we are able to negotiate better terms as we do this at scale. What is priceless is the stress and time reduction and the risk of making big mistakes when doing it yourself. It depends on how valuable that is to you. Portugal is notorious for being slow and incredibly beauracratic. Our services make that far less painful for you. It’s also worth speaking with us about group discounts. If you refer others, we can often do a deal. Get in touch.

What nationalities do you support?

We now support all nationalities.


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