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Our team of experts and our easy-to-use platform can take care of NIFs, visas, taxes, insurance, broadband, mortgages, bank accounts, and more.
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Finance and taxes
Get your Portuguese NIF completely online. We've crafted a seamless experience that we know you'll love.
Get your Portuguese NHR and start getting the tax benefits of being a resident of Portugal.
D7 Visa
Designed for non-EU citizens with steady passive income, this visa grants initial residency for two years.
D8 Visa
The D8 Visa Portugal allows digital nomads and remote workers to legally live and work in Portugal.
D2 Visa
Seeking to launch your business in Portugal? The D2 visa for Portugal is your gateway.
D6 Visa
Are you planning to reunite with your family in Portugal? The D6 family reunion visa for Portugal is a critical step.
Golden visa
Looking to gain residency in Portugal through investment? The Portugal Golden Visa could be for you.
Other services
Bank account
Getting a bank account remotely can help streamline your moving process before getting a visa.
Phone and broadband
Get in touch with our phone and broadband specialists to make sure you get the right deal.
Buying in Portugal is a very popular option for expats. Speak with an advisor today to see what your options are.
Health insurance
Getting health insurance is a must for expats in Portugal. Speak with one of our experts to see what options you have.
Portuguese birth certificate
If you were born in Portugal, it's always helpful to get your Portuguese birth certificate.
We’re faster
We’re a modern, digital-first firm that employs the latest technologies to make sure we process visas faster than anyone else.
We’re cheaper
We also employ the latest and greatest technologies to improve efficiencies. We pass these savings on to you to guarantee the best prices.
We're trustworthy
Unlike most firms, when you speak with us, you're speaking with licensed immigration lawyers, who give you honest advice you can trust.

Scott Hamilton, from Berkley, USA

Solved my visa woes

"After failing to get my visa twice, I finally decided to reach out to Movingto for help. Ariane explained the process perfectly and why I was previously unsuccessful. They went on to take care of everything end-to-end with a successful result for my wife and I. We could finally retire to Spain."

Bradley White, from London, UK

Seamless visa and NIF

"I initially just purchased a NIF from Movingto. It was fast and the communication was great. So, I decided to purchase my visa with them. Ariane kept me well informed during the entire process and put any doubts I had at ease. I really enjoyed working with Movingto and highly recommend it. "

Tim Greene, from Melbourne, Australia

Bank account done

In order to move to Portugal, I had to open a bank account remotely. I had absolutely no idea where to get started, but Movingto made it dead-simple. They explained what I needed to provide, and they took care of the rest. I was set up with an account from the other side of the world within days.

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