Moving to different countries

Has never been so seamless, stress-free, and cost-effective. We compare and review, visas for you.

Move to different countries

We Can Help With

Compare NIF prices
Comparing NIF prices

We compare all the leading firms, their terms, their prices and their trust score

Compare visa prices
Comparing visa prices

We break down all the leading visa firms to make sure you get the best deal

Learn about visas
Learning about visas

We cover all the most popular visas and break them down for you, so that you don't have to

Learn about tax
Learning about tax

Crypto and pension tax is particularly important and educate you on policies

Learn about NIFs
Learning about NIFs

NIFs are a new concept to many around the world and we explain how they work

Find a firm to help
Finding a firm to help

We work with the best firms to help you solve whatever problems you may have

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving is difficult, so we're sure you have a lot of questions!

What is Movingto?

Movingto is a comparison website for ex-pats and digital nomads to help them move abroad. Remote work is an on growing trend that is here to stay. We compare visas, law firms, tax numbers and more to make moving countries simpler and cheaper than ever before. At the moment we are only focusing on Portugal but planning to expand to other countries very soon.

Can I get all of these things whilst outside of Portugal?

Yes. That’s actually why we set this business up. Our aim is to make it as simple, stress-free and cost-effective as possible for people who want to take care of all their moving needs from the comfort of their sofa in whichever country they’re currently in. Imagine landing in Portugal and knowing you have all of this ready and waiting for you. That’s what we’re here to do. We just wish we had this service available when we moved.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

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