Exclusive interview with AnchorLess

Ana Fankhauser
March 22, 2023

We are here today with our partners from AncorLess. We have interviewed them so you can get to know them better.

We also discovered a few FAQs after talking to them, like that their price includes VAT, which actually makes them more affordable than other of our partners, which will charge 23% VAT to their NIF prices.

Let's dive into the interview.

Can you tell who is behind AnchorLess.io and what inspired you to create this business?

Hey, I'm Maxime, and I'm a young engineer and entrepreneur living in Portugal. After I moved to Portugal, I realized how difficult it was to settle in Portugal and create businesses here.

Due to its low cost of living, mild climate, and friendly tax policies, Portugal is becoming more and more popular with digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and retirees.

By partnering with a Portuguese law firm, we created AnchorLess with the objective of helping and digitizing the process of setting up business in Portugal

Can you tell us a little bit about AnchorLess.io and the services you offer?

AnchorLess offers today to apply for a NIF without even going to Portugal and to get a fiscal representative for one year. Our goal is to offer the creation of a Portuguese company 100% online. We also offer Portuguese Birth Certificates

What is a Portugal NIF number, and why do people need one?

People who live or work in Portugal need a NIF number to open a bank account, sign a lease for a property, buy a car, pay taxes, and register a business. Non-residents who own property in Portugal or receive income from Portuguese sources may also be required to obtain a NIF number.

How do you help your clients obtain a Portugal NIF number?

We have digitized the entire process of obtaining a NIF, from the verification of your documents to the application with our law firm. Thanks to the complete digitalization of our processes, your NIF application can be done in less than 24 hours if the Portuguese government is responsive.

What are some common challenges that people face when trying to obtain a Portugal NIF number, and how do you help them overcome those challenges?

Obtaining a Portugal NIF number can be a straightforward process for some people, but others may face certain challenges. Here are some common challenges that people may face when trying to obtain a Portugal NIF number, along with some ways to overcome them:

Lack of Portuguese language skills: The application process for a Portugal NIF number is conducted in Portuguese, which can be a challenge for those who don't speak the language.

Getting the documents you need can be hard. For example, to get a Portugal NIF number, you need to show proof of identity, proof of address, and tax registration. Some people may find it hard to get these documents, especially if they are not living in Portugal at the moment.

How long does it typically take to obtain a Portugal NIF number through AnchorLess?

We can get your NIF between 24 and 48 hours if the Portuguese government is reactive; however, we prefer to announce a week's wait to be more safe.

What sets AnchorLess apart from other companies offering similar services?

Anchorless aims to become the reference for Portugal and digital nomads, and we really want to help you in all your steps with transparency and efficiency.

Where can we find more information about AnchorLess?

For more information about our NIF just visit our site through this link to get the best deal

My experience before moving to Portugal was very similar to the one of the AnchorLess founders, which was one of the main inspirations for creating MovingTo.

We consider it an honor to collaborate with talented people like Maxime who want to get the user better experiences.

I hope you find all this Q&A helpful and if you have more questions for us just get in touch!

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Ana has worked in many startups and moved to a few countries, which led her to create MovingTo. She believes that remote work is a growing trend that is here to stay and that digital nomads will move to countries that have more to offer than the ones you were born into. She mostly writes opinion pieces for MovingTo.

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