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e-residence offers services to digital nomads and entrepreneurs looking to set up European businesses. Some of the services they offer include D7 Visas, Golden Visas, accounting services, opening of bank accounts and much more. In addition to offering these services, they even accept cryptocurrency as payment with Coinbase.

e-residence is operated by Smartline GmbH which is based in Vienna, Austria.


24 hours


D2 Startup Visa
D7 Visa
Bank accounts
Family Reunion
Golden Visa
Tax Representation
Accounting services
Business banking
Citizenship for Sephardi descendants
Set up an EU company
Virtual address

Frequently ask Questions

Is e-residence a Trustworthy Service?

Yes, they have a 4.8 trust score in Trustpilot with over 123 reviews. The services include NIFs, opening bank accounts, setting up an EU company, NHR tax regime, Golden Visa, D7 Visa, D2 Visa, accounting services and much more.

How Long Does e-residence Take to Process a NIF

In most cases, e-residence takes from 1-3 days to process your NIF, time depends first of all on the AT office , there have been cases when clients have waited up to 3-4 weeks

Does a NIF ever expire?

No, a NIF number is for life.

How much does a NIF cost with e-residence?

The cost of a NIF online with e-residence is 150€ with one year Tax representation. In the case you need to renew your Tax representation is 99€ per year.

How much does the NHR cost with e-residence?

It's 500€ and it takes around 5 days to a week.

What are the cost of the D2 Visa, D7 Visa and Golden Visa with e-residence?

e-residence fees and time-variant a lot, D2 Visa cost 2,000€, D7 is only 500€ and Golden Visa is 5,000€.

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